The Indigenous Worldview Research Award Honors Late Jim Ptak, EdD (ELC’19)


James W. Ptak, EdD With great sadness, we share with our Fielding community that alum James W. Ptak, EdD, passed away on November 12, 2021. In his dissertation, titled “From Chaos to Individual and Collective Well-Being: A Worldview Transformation (Engaging Concentration-Activated Transformation within Soliloquy),” he explored a personal journey of moving from a dominant worldview (DW) toward Indigenous worldview (IW). Dr. Ptak described his dissertation as first-person, soliloquy research that enabled him, as a dominant worldview-oriented individual, “to embrace, persist, and prevail in Indigenous wisdom-based well-being to gain balance and harmony within myself, my sense of humanity, and [...]