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Judith Orloff raises money for students in need

Fielding Leadership for Change doctoral candidate Judith Orloff recently hosted a fundraiser for her own birthday to raise money for Fielding’s Advancement Scholarship. Orloff is extremely grateful for her studies at Fielding, saying they have profoundly shifted her view of education and social justice.

The Advancement Scholarship was created by Fielding’s Board of Trustees because they recognized the need for resources to be available to students when other funding is not accessible. Thanks to the Advancement Scholarship, our students are able to continue their education and conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of social justice, education, psychology, media, and organizational development.

Below, Orloff shares what drew her to Fielding’s doctoral programs, and why she devoted her birthday towards fundraising for the university — a generous act that raised hundreds of dollars!

What brought you to Fielding in the first place?

I came across Fielding while searching for a possible university that could call to my gifts and talents. My granddaughter was entering a master’s program in counseling at Denver University and she supported me to apply. I was at the end of a wonderful career as a business women, university faculty member, and psychotherapist — and did not take my searches seriously until that moment. I have never regretted that decision.

What inspired you to support Fielding’s Advancement Scholarship via your birthday fundraiser?

I have made friends with people of color and financially disadvantaged students at Fielding. Discovering what white privilege really is has propelled me to shift my view of education and social justice. To be able to support Fielding’s Advancement Scholarship Fund with even a small amount of money feels like a birthday gift to me. I hope to continue to financially support this fund with my graduation gifts, as well. I plan to graduate in January, 2020.

What do you think is the best thing about Fielding?

Even though I saw myself as free of biases and stuck points of view, I was mistaken. My faculty professors, my dissertation committee, my cohort, and my belief and participation in the Building Inclusion Collaborative have given me access and resources to a new vision of the possible. I deeply appreciate and cherish my time here.


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