Irvine Foundation


With a two-year grant from the Irvine Foundation, Fielding’s Institute for Social Innovation researchers designed a curriculum for professionals in the fields of program evaluation and organizational development that would integrated their skills in support of leadership and system change.

Creative Research


Supporting Men’s Work for Healing, Development, and Social Transformation is a community practice project that focuses on building a community of men at Fielding across race and sexual orientation in order to strengthen men’s development for empowering and inclusive leadership. It also is intended to create a national and international network of others engaging in this work.

Community Research


Intergroup Dialogue: Cruzando Puentes (Crossing Bridges). One of the busiest freeway interchanges in the world crosses Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles, Calif. A densely populated, high-crime, low-income area, it's rich in history and culture. Puentes engages communities to address the core issues of violence and its consequences by forging partnerships and increasing opportunities for employment, education, and civic engagement.

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