Zabrina Epps, Ph.D.


Zabrina Epps has been a Marie Fielder fellow since 2018 and recently completed the doctoral program in Human and Organizational Systems (HOS). In her study, Leading the Future: Superintendents' Perceptions of Leadership and Future Education Systems, Zabrina interviewed school district leaders to explore their perspectives on leading for equity and envisioning future public education systems. She presented her research at the 2021 International Leadership Association (ILA) conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Theresa Southam, Ph.D.


Theresa Southam is a 2020 PhD in Human and Organizational Development and continues her research as a Fielding ISI Fellow , Fielder Graduate Fellow, and has recently served as a CMMI Fellow. She is coediting a book and writing a chapter for Fielding University Press on unexpected leadership including in older women. A chapter on “naturalizing” intergenerational relations for Sangaku Press in 2022 adds to her publishing on the continuous development of older adults including two articles in the Journal of Certified Senior Advisors: Positive Aging Perspectives and a New Paradigm: Foray (4A) into Aging and Living from Inside Out: The Value of Conscious Aging and the Foray (4a+) Beyond Self Paradigm.

Flavio Mesquita da Silva, Ph.D.


Dr. Mesquita da Silva is a World Café international practitioner and a peace activist and researcher. He has been presenting, consulting, training, counseling and coaching since 1978 in the areas of Human, Social, Environmental, Educational, and Organizational Development for not-for-profit organizations, universities, communities, governments and corporate businesses, and the United Nations.

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