The Media Psychology program has three concentrations:

Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement

This concentration is designed to address the changes in today’s media landscape by integrating psychological theory and research with practice.  It is equally applicable to marketing products, promoting services, sharing ideas, advocating causes, developing research or designing best practices.  Students will explore the ingredients necessary to create effective and persuasive media strategies, drawing on narrative psychology, archetypes, cognitive psychology of perception and meaning making, theories of persuasion and motivation as well as evolutionary psychology perspectives such as emotions, polyvagal theories, and attachment.

Positive Psychology and Media

The purpose of this concentration is to enable the student to develop the professional and theoretical skills to construct and deliver powerful prosocial media based on the tenets of positive psychology.

The Social Impact of Mobile Media and Immersive Technology

This concentration examines the impact of Immersive media (IM), augmented reality (AR), transmedia storytelling, and how they have the potential to create tremendous media disruption – and tremendous opportunity.