Components of the Program

New Student Orientation (NSO)

The NSO consists of a month-long online introduction to Fielding, the program, and doctoral level scholarship followed by a week-long residential orientation to assess your readiness for doctoral study and complete your first courses.


The academic, research, and clinical courses build the foundations of the program. Course work is completed through a combination of online, virtual, and/or in-person activities.

For an example of how the curriculum fits together, check out our model curriculum sequence.

Clinical Practicum

Clinical practicum applies what you are learning about assessment and psychotherapy. It usually occurs in your local community and involves intensive training and formal supervision by one or more licensed doctoral level clinical psychologists. Here is a listing of current clinical practicum placements. Our Director of Practicum Training assists students in locating placements not on the current list.

Clinical Internship

The clinical internship is a year-long planned, integrated sequence of closely supervised clinical and educational experiences that prepare you to perform responsibly as an entry-level clinical psychologist. The program expects all students to complete an accredited internship and to apply through the APPIC Match. Students are expected to apply to a large number of geographically diverse sites in order to optimize the chances of matching. This may mean that a student will need to temporarily relocate to complete the internship.

Research Training and Dissertation

Courses in quantitative and qualitative methodology are put into practice in your research practicum. This sequence prepares you to make a scholarly contribution to the literature by pursuing a dissertation topic of interest to you. As part of Fielding’s mission, we encourage students to select a topic that enhances social and ecological justice.