Expand Your Career Potential

The online Certificate in Media Psychology with an Emphasis in Media Neuroscience reveals new research modalities that help understand and predict the effectiveness of stimuli on the brain.

This is designed for professionals of varied backgrounds who want to learn and apply persuasion theories based on ground-breaking neuromarketing research.

  • Study the psychology of human motivation.
  • Gain new insight on how visual perception impacts media design and message.
  • Influence the way people think, buy and work.
  • Review the pros and cons of popular theoretical frameworks used to explain and predict the effect of public information and social advocacy messaging.
  • Discover ways to improve the persuasive effect of any media campaign.
  • Understand the impact of neuroimaging technologies on neuromarketing research.
  • Learn how the nervous system influences neuromarketing methods.
  • Use eye tracking, EEG, GSR and fMRI research to solve marketing, social advocacy, advertising communication, and public campaigns.