Mentoring and Advising

As innovators in adult education we take concepts of developmental learning and apply them in our mentoring and advising relationships with students; forging new ways to help you connect with what you already know, what you need to know, and how to get you there. Explore who our faculty and staff are and who they can help you to be.

Academic Technologies

As a distributed learning institution, Fielding uses various instructional tools to support interactive learning experiences, teaching, and collaboration. Students have access to several academic technologies to enhance engagement and successfully navigate their academic journeys, such as Grammarly, G Suite, Kaltura, Moodle, myFielding, Qualtrics, SPSS, Turnitin, and Zoom.

Student Services

From our online library to our student advising, tuition, financial aid, registrar and help-desk support areas, Fielding staff strive to make our support services to students useful and timely. Accommodations for students with disabilities and study aids for all students are available. Check us out!

Academic Sessions

A mainstay of our learning ideology from the beginning, face-to-face sessions between students and faculty held throughout the US and globally are a critical way of how we connect and re-connect within and across our disciplines. And they are usually great mini-vacation spots too!