“This important volume will be a valuable tool for leadership coaches and coach trainers who are shaping the next generation of leadership coaches.” Dr. Damian Goldvarg, Past Global President, International Coach Federation.

Today, at the beginning of the 2020’s, the need for effective leadership coaching is more urgent than ever. In response, this book offers a broad and multi-disciplinary overview of coaching in the twenty-first century, with contributions from 27 leading coaches and coach educators across North America, Europe and Asia. It is organized in 5 sections:

  • Part I offers an overview of the “ancestors” of coaching, whose theories and practices have informed coaching from its beginnings 
  • Part II consists of five chapters including research, theories, and models that inform coaching with leaders and executives. 
  • Part III includes four chapters focused on a variety of theories, research, and techniques that enable transformational change with coaching clients.
  • Part IV includes four chapters focused on coaching in an organizational or group context. 
  • Part V includes three chapters covering research and applied theory for educating and developing professional coaches.

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Fielding Monograph Series (Book 14)
Paperback: 438 pages
Publisher: Fielding University Press (April 27, 2020)

ISBN-10: 0986393002
ISBN-13: 978-0986393006

Praise for Innovations in Leadership Coaching:

“If Coaching is what you do and a Coach is who you say you are, this book connects the dots. It distinguishes the journey of how coaching began and the human science of why coaching is so powerful. It elevates the understanding of why coaching seems simple in theory and why is it so difficult in practice.  The reader will be captivated by the marriage of deep research with evidence-based coaching practices; practices that hold the potential to elevate the thinking, insights and behavior of the coach and thus impacting and supporting clients.  Each chapter of this book is a unit of study in itself.  It reconnects us to the giants who influenced this profession and the scholars and practitioners who inspire and energize our continuous professional journey of growth and development.” —Kathryn Kee, PCC; Vicky Dearing, PCC; Results Coaching Global

Innovations in Leadership Coaching: Research and Practice takes the concept of coaching beyond a competency-based review into a powerful and deep conversation that includes the underpinnings of learning and adult development. Coaching is a complex vocation that has been informed by multiple scholars from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, sociology, organizational theory, and others. This is an excellent and timely resource for those who desire a better understanding of the evidence and research behind the evolving coaching profession. Well done! —Carrie Arnold, PhD, MCC, and author of Silenced and Sidelined: How women leaders find their voices and break barriers

With apologies to Maslow, this new monograph from the Fielding University Press meets all the basic needs of current coaches, coach educators, coaching students, coaching researchers, alumni and associated scholars.  These 19 chapters present the history, current and innovative applications, future research initiatives, and extensive bibliographies for each of those practitioners. Whether one’s interestis in individual or group coaching, in business or life coaching in these pages the reader is treated to contemporary and future looking scholarly ideas presented in cogent and readable chapters some with illustrative graphs and tables. I highly recommend Innovations in Leadership Coaching, Research and Practice. —Lois H. Kahn-Feuer, PhD

Innovations in Leadership Coaching is an informative, thought-provoking, and a must-read compilation that brings forth pristine coaching practices to transform leadership development, raises our mindset and introspection with self and others through useful strategies and tools, and provides innovative coaching content and processes that immediately moves our learning from awareness to application. —Dr. Lloyd Sain, Jr., PCC, Leadership Coach/Consultant

It is a pleasure when a book both informs and inspires, and Innovations in Leadership Coaching does just that. With chapters from a diverse array of coaching thought leaders, this edited volume begins by exploring the roots of coaching and concludes by imagining the future of the profession. chapters examine a range of leadership coaching strategies and modalities, drawing upon both theory and practice. While the volume has many authors, each of their contributions is easy-to-read and engaging. This volume will be useful to those considering the coaching profession as well as those who are experienced coaching practitioners. —Allison M. Vaillancourt, PhD, PCC Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness

Innovations in Leadership Coaching: Research and Practice is a thought-provoking read for any coach interested in furthering their own development through exploration of the history and future of the profession.  It runs the gamut from easy-to-read explorations of coaching practices to scientifically-based, academic research papers on the possible future of the industry.  It provides theory, practice, strategies and models that prompt the coaching professional to re-evaluate their current approach and broaden their perspectives on the art and science of coaching. It is a rigorous look into the complexity of coaching and represents a significant contribution to the growing body of coaching research. —Kellie Jenkins, MSc 

Innovation in Leadership Coaching is a well-balanced compilation of evidenced-based articles which contribute to establishing coaching as a discipline distinct from its roots theories, especially psychology. Thanks to the book’s fluid style, the reader feels engaged in exploring the not so traditional coaching theories and approaches which resonate with me since most of these are already an integral part of my own practice. As a supervisor myself, I am pleased to see a whole chapter dedicated to coaching supervision backed with a call for further well-designed research on this powerful reflective practice which is growing globally. —Francoise Orlov, PhD, MRes, MSc, Accredited Professional Executive Coach (Association for Coaching), Supervisor

This monograph is a important compendium highlighting the variety of theoretical and practical approaches in evidenced-based leadership coaching.  As a scholar, I appreciated the extensive literature reviews and the different settings in which the research studies were conducted.  As a coach practitioner, I especially welcomed the models and practices that I can incorporate into my toolbox and will be revisiting several chapters frequently.   I would highly recommend that any coach who is a scholar or practitioner read this book for insights into self as coach, confirming evidence, new ideas and fresh practices to enhance one’s coaching. —Pam Porath, PhD, Willow Path Consulting, LLC

This book provides new research and dives deeper into existing research around the science of evidence-based approaches of coaching.  The articles and research provide detailed examinations of models, concepts, and ideas that we can use to help our clients.  They also provide insights for coaches on the impact of our behaviors and actions as applied to our practice.  I enjoyed how the book was divided into specific sections with each offering a crosswalk of coaching approaches.  The book was enjoyable to read and is a useful compendium of articles but also creates a glimpse of personal insight and experience from the authors that brings great value. —Amy Andrews LLC – Personal and Executive Coach