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Leave of Absence


pictured: Dr. Terry Gomez, Fielding class of 2020

  • This form is for requesting full-term leaves only. If you need to request an emergency leave, please email Advisors@fielding.edu. Before requesting a leave, please review the Leave Policy in the Institutional Handbook.

    Complete and submit this form to request a full-term leave of absence.

    NOTE: If you are unsure about the dates for your leave or need any other advice/information regarding your leave plans, before submitting this form contact the advising office via email at Advisors@fielding.edu

  • Examples: personal health issue, family emergency, employment issue, etc.
    • I understand that during an approved full-term leave there will be no tuition charges assessed for the time that I am on leave.
    • I understand that I will not be eligible to receive any disbursements of federal loan funds for the time that I am on leave.
    • I am aware that monthly payment plan payments will continue while I am on leave if I have a balance.
    • I understand that my enrollment status will be reported as "not enrolled" to my loan servicer(s). This means that I may be contacted by my servicer(s) regarding repayment. Some loans, particularly older loans with no grace period, may enter repayment and interest may be capitalized.
    • I will not receive credit for applied experience hours (such as clinical training, residency, research, internship) that were accrued while on approved leave.
    • I will not be awarded credit for any academic work completed while I remain on leave.
    • I cannot participate in group courses on Moodle while on leave.
    • Faculty are not required to review my work, including incomplete work from a prior active term, during the leave period.
    • I will not do any data collection while I am on leave.
    • I cannot attend residency sessions (e.g. National Sessions, cluster meetings, etc.) while I am on leave.

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