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Last chance to register for
Participatory Learning, Research & Action
for Social Justice

“We Make the Road by Walking” Intensive
Highlander Center School of Leadership Studies
October 3-7, 2018

30th Anniversary Fielding-Highlander Collaboration

HOD Faculty: Tracy Fisher, Melchor Hall & Abigail Lynam
EDD Faculty: Teresa Marquez-Lopez

Intensives at the Highlander Center for Research and Education in New Market, Tennessee, have been important learning opportunities at Fielding since 1988—30 years! This intensive will provide a variety of opportunities to explore the connections between community organizing, non-formal adult education, participatory action research, and transformative learning as methods for progressive organizational and social change. It is open to all SLS students and alums.

At this intensive, we will learn from the Highlander staff about their approach and their current work, meet in the community with local groups working for social justice that Highlander has been supporting, and learn from and with one another, as we discuss common readings, present our work from ongoing KAs, and engage in various experiential learning activities, group dialogues, and cultural events. In our work together, we will attempt to engage in the sort of participatory and empowering approach to learning that Highlander embodies.

The Highlander Center, established in 1932 to organize and support unemployed Appalachian workers, has been involved in catalyzing and supporting movements for justice, equality, and sustainability including the labor, the civil rights, environmental justice, feminist, and immigrant and undocumented people’s rights movements. Find more information about Highlander.

Fielding Highlander group 2015

Beginning in September, we will engage with intensive participants in a collaborative planning process. We will organize the first planning meeting to take place via zoom during the second week of September. Through this planning process, we will form group or individual KAs that will lead up to and follow from the October intensive. The KA registration will be for Fall 2018 term or thereafter.

Space is limited. For more information or to express interest, please contact HOD Faculty Margo Okazawa-Rey at by August 20, 2018.

Preliminary advance reading list:
• Myles Horton and Paulo Freire, We Make the Road by Walking or Myles Horton, The Long Haul.
• Other readings will be added.

• Flight etc. to Knoxville, TN
• Dorm Room plus ground transport and food: $420
• Lodge Room plus ground transport and food: $480

Possible KAs include:
HOD-803 Praxis with Leadership Focus
HOD-804 Human Development
HOD-806 Systems Approaches to Leadership, Organizations, and Society
HOD-807 Social & Ecological Justice
HOD-812 Human Learning and Motivation
HOD-815 Transformative Learning
HOD-823 Leadership Theories and Methods
HOD-826 Social Change
HOD-829 Praxis II
HOD-831 Structural Inequality and Diversity
HOD-840 Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Self and Systems
HOD-844 Leadership for Social and Ecological Sustainability
HOD-846 Intervening in Systems
HOD-853 Spiritual Practice and Social Justice
HOD-883CP Advanced Research Methodologies: Critical Participatory Action Research
IECD-526 Cross-Cultural Understanding
IECD-527 Law, Policy and Advocacy
ELC-725 Structural Inequality and Diversity
ELC-726 Theories of Change
ELC-727 Overview of Action Research Methods
ELC-728 Introduction to Leadership for Change
ELC-729 Leadership for Change Praxis 1-10

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