How do I share my screen?


A: In the host control panel there is a button that says “screen share” if you click on it, it will show you all the open windows on your computer and you can select which ones to share. Note that if a co-host is sharing their screen, they must turn it off before you can share yours.

How do I share my screen?2022-01-05T17:35:41-08:00

Can I record the seminar?


A: If you are the host of a meeting, yes you can record the seminar.

Can I record the seminar?2022-01-05T17:28:41-08:00

How do I mute and unmute myself?


A: Click on the mic icon at the bottom left to mute and unmute yourself. You may also be muted by the host.

How do I mute and unmute myself?2022-01-05T17:27:00-08:00

How do I turn on/off my video?


A: At the bottom left of the meeting screen, there is an option to turn your video on and off as well as select where the video is coming from (laptop camera or external camera).

How do I turn on/off my video?2022-01-05T17:25:56-08:00

How do I get my mic to work?


A: When you join a meeting it should automatically use your computer’s audio. If you have an external mic, you can select that from the audio features in the bottom left corner of the meeting screen.

How do I get my mic to work?2022-01-05T17:25:05-08:00

What do I do if my internet isn’t working?


A: If your internet isn’t working or doesn’t have a strong connection, you can either join a meeting via phone or use your cell phone as a wifi hotspot. To find the phone number for you meeting, you can reference the original invite. Using your cellphone as a hotspot varies by brand and carrier but can usually be found in setting under the wifi option.

What do I do if my internet isn’t working?2022-01-05T17:24:20-08:00

Where can I find the Zoom information for my seminar?


A: SLS: If you lose this information, contact prior to the seminar.  All the Zoom meeting information for community/open events will also be listed in a master document on the Session webpage.

Where can I find the Zoom information for my seminar?2022-01-05T17:23:23-08:00

How can I get help logging into Zoom?


A: Please visit the Virtual Session Help page, where you will find Zoom resources as well as access to our virtual help desk. You can always email with your questions.

How can I get help logging into Zoom?2022-01-05T17:22:21-08:00

How do I log into my Zoom account?


A: You can log into Zoom and join a meeting by clicking on the meeting link that is sent to you. If you have Zoom downloaded to your computer it will give you the option to open it that way. If you do not have it on your computer, you will be taken to a Zoom webpage and you can follow the prompts there to join the meeting.

How do I log into my Zoom account?2022-01-05T17:21:12-08:00
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