Does a 3-year equivalent degree meet admissions qualifications?


Degrees with a 3-year equivalency generally do not meet the minimum requirement of a regionally accredited US degree equivalency without receiving additional academic credentials, such as a master’s degree.

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Can you waive the International Transcript Evaluation?


International Transcript Evaluations are required of all applicants with a degree earned outside of the US, unless the degree conferring institution has an existing articulation agreement with Fielding Graduate University, OR has a US regional accreditation. Additional details regarding admission and application requirements can be found here.

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Can I visit the Fielding Campus?


Fielding has administrative buildings and offices in Santa Barbara, CA, and Washington, DC, the nation's capital. The university does not have a physical campus in the traditional sense. The majority of Fielding programs are online or have very short residencies, and they do not require relocation. However, Fielding hosts optional, regional events throughout the year that prospective students may be invited to attend. Prior to the pandemic, Fielding also hosted each year two large in-person international events. The first international event traditionally took place in January in Santa Barbara, California. The second international event took place in the summer, most [...]

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Do you offer application fee waivers?


Yes, application fee waivers are available for people who attend a live online program information session.

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Are international students charged a higher tuition?


Tuition rates are the same for students who live in the United States as it is for those who live outside of the United States.  In fact, Fielding has not increased the tuition rate for any students during the past two years of the pandemic.  Tuition payment is in US dollars. Fielding’s doctoral programs have a flat rate per term tuition, so students who follow the program’s recommended curriculum sequence to complete the program in a timely fashion will pay less in overall tuition than students who take a longer time to graduate.

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Do you offer Fellowships or Assistantships?


Because the majority of Fielding’s programs are offered online, there are no graduate assistantships or fellowships for current students.

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Do you offer scholarships?


There are scholarship programs at Fielding for incoming and returning students that will provide some financial support.  For example, in 2021 there were 42 scholarship programs available to students with a range of awards between $500 - $12,970 and an average award of about $1,500. However, there are no scholarships to fully fund students at Fielding at this time.

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Q&A Session


17) 33:35 – 35:25 | “What is the difference between a PsyD and PhD in Psychology? 18) 35:25 – 37:59 | “If I am a registered nurse and want to do health psychology, should I do the clinical psychology or general psychology program?” 19) 37:59 – 39:50 | “What would be the path to become licensed as a child psychologist?” 20) 39:50 – 40:52 | “I want to become licensed as a psychologist, specializing in trauma & addiction in Texas. Can I do this APA accredited program or a non-APA accredited program to become licensed?” 21) 40:52 – 42:51 | [...]

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Academic Careers


Academic Careers 6) 8:06 – 10:07 | Teaching at the university, college, or high school level 7) 10:07 – 11:55 | Administrative and/or advising career in the college/university level Research Careers 8) 11:55 – 15:41 | Research Psychology Careers and what the difference is between university/research institute research roles 9) 15:41 – 18:23 | Researcher careers in nonprofits, healthcare, private companies, tech companies 10) 18:23 – 22:03 | Defining Experimental, Descriptive, and Relational Research, along with examples of research 11) 22:03 – 23:50 | Positions of independent researcher, depending on degree earned Applied Psych Careers 12) 23:50 – 24:57 | [...]

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