Q: How can I find out what I signed up for?

A: Log into my.Fielding.edu and go to the WebAdvisor tab for Students, under Session Registration and Reports there is a link to your Individual Student Seminar Schedule.

Q: How can I add a seminar after the registration deadline?

A: After the registration deadline there will be no changes permitted to individual schedules.

Q: How can I drop a seminar I registered for but can’t attend?

A: Email registrar@fielding.edu with the information regarding the seminar you need to drop.

Q: What are the time zones of the various sessions?

A: All times are Pacific Time Zone.

Q: How can I find out if I get credit for attending a seminar?

A: Attendance at seminars will only be tracked for Psychology seminars that are directly tied to academic credit (all 710s, RSSs, and PALs), and for additional non-credit seminars tied to training, such as training days, case conference hours, or concentration seminars. Credit (grades) are given by the faculty for credit-bearing offerings based on attendance and any other requirements of the course.

Q: Can I get any kind of residency hours for this virtual session?

A: At this time you can log virtual residency hours only, a max of 8 per day for any day you are registered in a class. These virtual residency hours will not be included as part of your residency hour totals for the graduation requirement. However, you should still log them in case the APA makes exceptions in the future due to the pandemic. For more information about current status with residency hours see: https://my.fielding.edu/Academics/Psychology/ResidencyHours/Pages/default.aspx

Q: Will seminar recordings be available afterward for students who couldn’t attend? If so, how do I access them?

A: SLS: Many of the seminars will be recorded and available in Moodle afterwards. If the presenting faculty decides the information being shared is sensitive and would violate student privacy laws, they may decide to stop the recording and/or not post it. SOP: Recordings of seminars for academic credit as necessary will be posted to the classroom Moodle space. This does not alleviate the student from attending the seminar if it is required for credit in the class. See your classroom policies on required attendance.