Online - Pacific Time June 2, 2021, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

In this eye-opening and entertaining session, best-selling author, certified ontological coach, and longtime seminar leader Chalmers Brothers shares a powerful way of understanding leadership, conversations, and the power of language.  Specifically, he shares the way fundamental “linguistic acts” come into play within organizations of all sizes and shapes, as well as ways leaders can dramatically improve quantitative results (productivity, profitability, accountability, achievement of key metrics) as well as qualitative results (alignment, trust, cohesiveness, engagement, culture) through their purposeful application.

Chalmers Brothers is a best-selling author, certified personal / executive coach, consultant, seminar leader, and speaker. He has a 32-year career focused on leadership development, workplace culture, productivity and accountability, teamwork and clarity in communication, emotional intelligence, trust- and relationship-building. His books – Language and the Pursuit of Happiness (2005) and Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence (2015) have been adopted by multiple leadership and coaching programs. He has a TED talk (2014): How Language Generates Your World and Mine; his career includes Andersen Consulting and Vistage. He is an engineer with an MBA from Louisiana State University.

IFC Continuing Coach Education



This session is approved for 1.0 CCE units in Resource Development