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Guest Blogger:  Suzanne M. Begin, PhD, The Recognition Doctor, and

Just as the mighty Mississippi River begins in Minnesota and continues to flow to the Gulf of Mexico, so too was Minnesota the beginning point of the majestic flow of my career integrating coaching and spiritual leadership. More specifically, the origin of my journey was the College of St. Catherine where a foundation in both occupational therapy and pastoral ministry was laid.
As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am compelled to be as Christ: to be a healing presence, to be an active listener, and to ask transformational questions. As a coach, these are three of the eleven International Coaching Federation core competencies that I am committed to uphold – Coaching Presence, Active Listening and Powerful Questioning. For me, integrating coaching and spiritual leadership is not just what I do, it is who I am.

As a coach, I know the answer for which my client seeks is within. As a spiritual leader, I know the ‘within’ is a spiritual source that has never ending resources, a source with all of the answers, and a source that is specific to the need and ability of my client. To be a healing presence, then is to provide a safe and confidential place where my client will be heard, accepted and empowered to explore within.

Leaning in to listen to my client as an active listener means I set aside, or as the phenomenologist in me says, “bracket” my filters and hear the words my client speaks. Not only do I listen to the spoken words, I also hear those left unspoken. Both as a coach and spiritual leader, my job is also to hear the sound of silence.

From a present place of hearing the heart of my client, I find grace to ask transformational questions. These are questions that align with and activate the source within my client. These questions are intended to optimize my client’s ability to move forward on their life journey. Often I have the honor of experiencing rivers of living water flow forth from my client’s innermost being. This brings me as much joy as seeing the Mississippi River flow through my hometown of Minneapolis.

Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) Professional Series Webinar:  Coaching in Pastoral Work and Faith Communities for Spiritual Development

Was held on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 4 – 5pm Pacific

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During this informative EBC Professional Series Webinar hear from scholar-practitioners who have incorporated coaching into their work in pastoral care and spiritual guidance.  Explore how coaching principles and approaches can effectively enhance spiritual development.  Panelists will discuss their work with individuals and groups.  Learn why coaching is becoming an essential skill for clergy, pastors, and spiritual directors.

Host:  Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCECDirector of Evidence Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University


Suzanne M. Begin, PhD, The Recognition Doctor, and

Jeanne-Marie Mudd, MDiv, ACC, Pastor and CEO,

Adam Robersmith, MDiv, DMin, Pastor and Spiritual Director, and

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