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Dr. Deborah George-Feres

Dr. Deborah George-Feres

Dr. Deborah George-Feres’ work centers on organizational leaders who are deliberate about driving positive change. Her passion is to use change as a catalyst for human growth and development. To achieve these outcomes, she utilizes an innovative executive coaching framework derived from rigorous research. Why does this matter? Because her clients receive evidence-based coaching practices that alter the way they make decisions, motivate employees, resolve deficits, improve performance, build and restore confidence.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), she follows the industry’s highest standard and ethical practices. She is an expert at helping leaders improve their communication climate and culture to succeed with their organizational change initiatives. With nearly 15 years of coaching experience, her work has profoundly transformed people and places. Where there is chaos, she is calm; where there is resistance, she promotes receptivity; and where there is fear, she propels faith and courage. She is a compassionate and proficient coach who will methodically guide organizational leaders through a change process that ends in empowerment. If you are ready for significant changes, she is your provocative coach.

Dr. Deborah is committed to the development, advancement and success of each client. Her mantra is—“the client’s success and satisfaction are her own success.” Her coaching produces proven strategies that result in clients’ achievement.



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