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pictured: Dolores Huerta Event at Fielding

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

News, Events and Highlights

An American Story: Drawing on the roots of an antebellum interracial Texas couple, Juneteenth speaker, graduate shares reasons to celebrate

Nearly 40 years ago, business and community leader Beverly J. Dorsey Stevenson, Ph.D. (2013) learned about the abiding yet forbidden Civil War-era relationship between Edward Ruthven Taylor, the white son of a prominent Texas [...]

From Our Beginning

From its 1974 beginning, Fielding Graduate University was founded on a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). With the university’s focus of providing doctoral education to mid-career adults, we offered graduate experiences specifically designed for people who had been left out of traditional education.  At that time, graduate education was primarily for the younger, relatively inexperienced male adult, usually white, who was able to forego full-time employment and to relocate his family, if he had one, for several years to pursue a PhD. In contrast, Fielding’s distributed model built on students’ professional expertise, allowing them to remain in their communities and work settings. We hired scholar-practitioner faculty who lived and worked in the communities where our students were located.

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