Dolores Bunnell Scholarship Aims to Support Early Childhood Educators


This scholarship is available to incoming students to help defer the cost of attending the first year of graduate studies at Fielding. Fielding alum (HOD’98) and Trustee Emerita Karin Bunnell, PhD, honors her mother, Dolores (Dee) Bunnell, by establishing a scholarship for early childhood educators and professionals. Mrs. Dolores Bunnell with her students, class of 1978 Human development begins the day a child is born. The experience of early childhood has the most significant impact on one’s life. Birth through age six is a golden opportunity to help children become compassionate and curious youngsters. “Early childhood educators understand [...]

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Tiner-Witt Educational Advancement Scholarship Announced


The EdD Leadership for Change Program at Fielding Graduate University is proud to announce the new scholarship honoring long-term faculty members and leaders of the Program, Dr. Kathy Tiner and Dr. Judy Witt. Dr. Kathy Tiner The scholarship honors Dr. Kathy Tiner and Dr. Judy Witt, long-time academic leaders and faculty members of our EdD program. Over the years, both invested their passion, skills, and time in helping the Program's students and alumni develop into strong change agents who have transformed educational and social service agencies, systems, districts, and schools—in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary domains. This scholarship, bearing their [...]

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Alum Teaches People How to Take Care of Their Brain Health


Holly A. Bardutz,  PhD is the 2020 recipient of the Nancy Wermuth Francke Memorial Alumni Award Holly Bardutz, PhD In its second year, the $2,500 award was established by alum, Barb Mather, PhD. The inspiration behind the Award is to support a Fielding graduate whose research is in health education. Dr. Mather, the Wermuth family, friends, and Fielding alumni and staff, contributed to the Award's fundraising campaign organized in Nancy's memory. March 26, 2020, would have been Nancy's 73rd Birthday. We caught up with Dr. Bardutz, and she told us about her research and receiving the Award: What would [...]

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Director of Advising Completes Her EdD, Makes A Creative Donation to Fielding


As Fielding’s Director of Advising Lindsay Cahn leads the unit that helps students navigate their programs. But recently, Lindsay was a student herself, and just received an EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California. For her dissertation research, Lindsay needed to collect data from Fielding faculty. To inspire cooperation, she agreed to make a gift to the Ethnic Minorities Dissertation Scholarship for every survey and interview completed. She got the data she needed, the faculty could feel good about their participation, and Fielding students benefited. Q: What inspired you to make a gift to Fielding [...]

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2021 Fielding Cruise to the Middle East


Join Fielding’s Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts on a journey from Athens to Abu Dhabi Join Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts and your fellow Fielding friends on the Crystal Symphony, sailing from October 11 to 27, 2021, to the Middle East. This 16-night cruise will take us from Athens to Crete, the Suez Canal, Petra and Wadi Rum (Jordan, 2 days); Luxor and Karnak (Egypt, 2 days) and on through the Red Sea and the Gulf to Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (where we can visit the beautiful Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum). Crystal Symphony is a beautiful ship, just 848 passengers, it has terrific cuisine, and [...]

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Interview with the Chair of the Board Scholarship Recipient, Jennifer Nosker


  The Chair of the Board Scholarship was established in 2012 by Trustee Michael B. Goldstein, JD, DHL. The scholarship supports Fielding student leaders who advocate for their student peers as participating members of their program’s Student Governance. Participating in Student Governance enables students to have a voice on program matters, working collaboratively with faculty and academic leaders. Jennifer Nosker, the Chair of the Board Scholarship recipient, was inspired to serve on Student Governance because she felt “it was important for all voices to be heard in the decision-making processes that impact students.” What does it mean to receive a scholarship [...]

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Meet the Osherson Fellow


The Adele and Louis Osherson Fellow awarded to Karen John Mannuzza The Osherson Fellowship was established by retired Fielding faculty and the past Director of the Alonso Center, Sam Osherson, and his brother Dan Osherson in memory of their parents. The fellowship provides a week of study at Fielding’s Winter National Session in Santa Barbara for professionals without a background in psychoanalysis. The purpose of the fellowship is to build an understanding of how psychoanalytic theory and research can support their work. Karen John Mannuzza The year the fellowship was awarded to Karen John Mannuzza. Karen is a licensed psychotherapist, [...]

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Alum Aims to Improve Nursing Care


Nancy Wermuth Francke Memorial Alumni Award funds Ericka Waidley research Ericka Waidley, PhD Alum Ericka Waidley, PhD, who graduated from Fielding in 2018 with a doctorate in Human & Organization Systems, has received the first Nancy Wermuth Francke Memorial Alumni Award. The $1,200 scholarship was established by another alum, Barb Mather, PhD, to support a Fielding graduate who’s doing research in health education with a particular aim to serve the underprivileged or undereducated. Dr. Mather, who graduated in 2013 with a doctorate in Human & Organization Systems, created the award in honor of her older sister, Nancy, who had [...]

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Fielding at Sea: Cruising the Ancient World


The Fielding crew at the amphitheater at Taormina, Italy Several members of the Fielding community have just returned from a scholarly cruise from Rome to Jerusalem celebrating the university's 45th anniversary. The tour was guided by faculty member Jean-Pierre Isbouts, a leading scholar and historian in ancient art and architecture. Below, a few guests reflect on the journey. Photos by Laurence Severance Jean-Pierre Isbouts and Pauline Albert in Athens Alum Pauline J. Albert, PhD: What a privilege to tour with Fielding faculty, alumni, and trustees. Walking in the steps of Socrates, Plato, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and [...]

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Fielding Now a Canadian Charity


Fielding is now a charity in Canada! Attention Fielding friends, faculty members, and alumni! Fielding Graduate University has been granted charity status in Canada. This is a wonderful development, which means that Canadian taxpayers who make charitable contributions to Fielding will now benefit from the tax incentives associated with making a gift to a registered charity. Some of the scholarships established by Fielding Canadian alumni include the de Jonge LGBTQ and Allies Canadian Scholarship, Margaret Rudolf Endowed International Scholarship, and Wagenheim Endowed Scholarship for International Students. More of our supporters can now take advantage of tax benefits when giving to Fielding. [...]

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