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Why the iEQ9 is a power tool for Evidence Based Coaching Practitioners.

Introduction by EBC Director:  Terry Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC

I am excited to announce that Fielding has added world-class assessments and instruments to our Evidence Based Coaching Certificate Program; one is the Integrative Enneagram Profile (iEQ9).  Integrative Enneagram Solutions has also generously offered our readers to experience the power of this tool at no charge.  I am happy to have Kyra Ward be our guest EBC Blogger to share some introductory remarks about the iEQ9.

Guest Blogger:  Kyra Ward,

In response to the exponential growth of the coaching industry globally over the last two decades, Evidence Based Coaching has emerged as a practical approach to developing a more credible and reliable profession. As this approach has grown in prominence, many of the coaches trained and practicing Evidence Based Coaching have found great utility in the Enneagram. For those unfamiliar with the Enneagram, this blog will unpack the specific reasons why we assert that it is amongst an Evidence Based Coach’s most powerful tools.

Regardless of the coaching paradigm employed, assessments have become a standard and expected practice in many coaching engagements. This is no truer than in Evidence Based Coaching, where there is a definitive drive to go beyond “one size fits all” approaches to a client’s development, to an approach that is grounded in assessing the client’s context and specific and unique developmental needs and potential.

The Enneagram seamlessly addresses Evidence Based Coaches’ needs for an assessment that can do just that. The Enneagram has, over the past decades, proved to be one of the most powerful tools in the development and coaching environment. As an internationally-recognized coaching tool, the Enneagram enables a coach to guide clients quickly into radical insights and support deep long-term development journeys. Considerable evidence from global application of the Enneagram in coaching, reveals that the use of the Enneagram not only fast-tracks insight, growth, and integration, but also gives durability and magnitude to the development process over time.

The iEQ9 Enneagram profiling tool supports the coaching experience with accurate data, and a professionally narrated report. It begins with the client completing a simple online test and progresses from there with the automated email delivery of the client’s comprehensive report.

The iEQ9 Enneagram offers Evidence Based Coaches and their clients, a robust, easy-to-read report that outlines core personality traits and Type with 95% accuracy; acting as a mirror to help clients see themselves more clearly. By measuring personality, stress and strain, instincts and centers of expression, the iEQ9 offers a comprehensive view of a client’s personality to support efforts to build and enhance self-awareness.

Ultimately, the unique structure of the Enneagram and the iEQ9 can help Evidence Based Coaches to focus their clients on key leverage points to make powerful and sustained changes as they pursue their developmental objectives. Integrative Enneagram Solutions’ iEQ9 offers both the Evidence Based Coach and the client a deep insight into the stories, beliefs, and psychodynamic structures playing out for the client, as expressed by their Integrative Enneagram profile.

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Bio of Kyra Ward

Kyra Ward is a Senior Content Developer for Integrative Enneagram Solutions. Having spent almost a decade in the Organization Development and Change Management fields, Kyra now works with her team to build products and solutions grounded in the Enneagram for development practitioners and coaches to utilize in their practice.

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