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Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) Thought Leaders Webinar:  Measuring Mindset and Change Readiness in a Coaching Context – An Evidence-Based Approach

Saturday, March 28, 2020, 9am – 10am Pacific

Speaker:  Dr. Jodi O’Dell, PhD, MSc, Coaching Psychologist Engage Coach International Ltd,

Host:  Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCECDirector of Evidence Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University

The notion of mindset was first popularized by Carol Dweck; however, within a coaching context specifically the importance of mindset in influencing coaching outcomes cannot be understated. To establish a common definition, mindset refers to the attitudes and beliefs that we hold about ourselves. Some of these we are conscious of, others less so. Developing awareness around mindset and psychological readiness for change can be instrumental in unlocking potential.  In the absence of such insights, the impact of coaching will be limited.  Research indicates that mindset is something that we can develop, influence and manage. As such, it addresses those aspects of our personality that are more “state” based in nature, in contrast to trait or type aspects of personality which are thought to be more fixed or stable in nature.  Working with mindset within a coaching context specifically affords two key benefits; (1) it highlights things that are “developable” and that we can change, (2) it provides a unique opportunity to measure impact within coaching.  The “state-based” nature of mindset permits us to measure degree of shift over time, providing the coaching professional with a useful metric for evaluating and demonstrating impact in a more meaningful way. As the evidence-based field of coaching matures, there is increasing demand to find ways of measuring tangible impact using scientific methods.  In this webinar Dr. Jodi O’Dell shares her research into mindset and change readiness and explores her evidence-based model Engage.  This identifies those aspects of mindset which differentiate coaching effectiveness.

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Bio of Dr Jodi O’Dell, PhD, MSc –

Dr Jodi O’Dell is a coaching psychologist with a PhD from Manchester Business School (UK). She brings a strong theoretical and practical foundation to her work, combining the rigor of her PhD research with over 20 years’ coaching experience. Clients extend industry sectors to include; finance, international government, education, health, pharma and FTSE 100+. Familiar with working at C-Suite and board level, she brings a strong focus on building self-awareness to drive commercial outcomes with impact and accountability.

“Jodi is able to offer the powerful – and rare- combination of being a coach who is also an expert in psychometrics and is able to draw upon these strengths in the provision of a highly pragmatic approach to coaching. I am particularly impressed with her new development support tool, Engage, which helps to identify the factors which enable or inhibit an individual’s development. A key purpose of most coaching is to improve performance through development – having a robust and empirically researched tool which helps facilitate this process will be of great benefit to coaches, HR and OD professionals. Great coach, who has helped drive forward the frontiers of coaching!” Dr. Douglas Young, Director, Human Resources Performance & Development.

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