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Book Yourself Solid: Get clients even if you hate marketing and selling

Guest Blogger: Jeff Moore, MS, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, CEO Coach, Angel Investor, and TEDx Speaker. Certified Book Yourself Solid®, Scaling Up®, and Outthinker® coach,

Getting clients is essential for your success as a coach. Many of us either don’t know how to  or don’t want to market or sell ourselves as coaches.

If this applies to you, please consider Dan Sullivan’s definition of selling:

“Selling is getting people intellectually engaged in a future result that’s good for them and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result.’”

That sounds like coaching, doesn’t it?

With the right tools and understanding, what makes you good at coaching also makes you good at /selling/ coaching (and happy to do it).

But please don’t confuse the two. Giving away coaching doesn’t get you clients.  And marketing doesn’t get you clients either.

Instead, marketing gets you to opportunity to earn trust.

Then, and only then, you can make offers that are proportional to the trust you’ve earned, have a super-simple sales conversation, and get yourself an ideal client, and another, and another…

When engaged in conversation with a prospective coaching client, you’ll notice the level of trust and engagement. When the timing is right, ask:

“How will it feel when… (use your prospect’s language to describe the future result)

Listen carefully. If and when appropriate, follow up by asking:

“Would you like help with that?.”

A “no” means you asked too early, or your prospect isn’t ideal for you. When you get a “yes”, follow up with:

“Would you like my  help?”

“Yes” means you have a client. “Not now” means a follow up opportunity.

Before doing any of this, please get very clear on who are ideal clients for you.  “Ideal” means you love working with them and get energized when you spend time with them. This is critical so you both truly earn trust and sincerely want to serve your prospects.

Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) Professional Series Webinar:  Book Yourself Solid: Get Clients Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling

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Speaker:  Jeff Moore, MS, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, CEO Coach, Angel Investor, and TEDx Speaker. Certified Book Yourself Solid®, Scaling Up®, and Outthinker® coach,

Host:  Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCECDirector of Evidence Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University

Get more clients using a system that actually works. Book Yourself Solid® is your system for getting more clients than you can handle, even if you hate marketing and selling. Get clear on your ideal clients, their urgent needs and compelling desires, the specific results you produce, the benefits your clients experience, talking about what you do, and your sales cycle, timing, and sales conversation.

Bio of Jeff Moore, MS – and

Jeff Moore helps clients scale businesses using proven systems for scaling, strategy, execution, people, cash, innovation, and sales/marketing. Jeff has worked at IBM, founded a financial software company, closed multi-million dollar sales to Fortune 100 companies, and helped clients scale their businesses to $100 million levels.  Jeff has solved over 100,000 puzzles and especially loves the puzzles involved in creating and growing successful businesses. Jeff has degrees in Mathematics (Binghamton University) and Computer Science (New York University).

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