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Laura BergerAlum Laura Berger, MCC, CBEC (Certificates in Evidence Based Coaching for Educational Leadership, ’10, and Comprehensive Evidence Based Coaching, ’12), is using her voice to inspire other leaders.

As a certified Executive Coach, bestselling author, and founder of The Berdéo Group, she uses evidence-based techniques – such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence (EQo-i), and informative behavioral interviews – to gain insight into clients’ strengths and opportunities.

Laura and Glen Tibaldeo released Radical Sabbatical, a book that helps overworked professionals build the tenacity required to make permanent life changes. Laura, both individually and with co-author Glen, frequently contributes to Psychology Today.

In the Psychology Today article, “The Happy Leader: Are You a Person of Character?,” she and Glen outline how character can craft a great leader:

“With consistent practice and intention, you can elevate your character and, in turn, the happiness of both yourself and those you lead. The key to unlocking this flavor of effective leadership is focusing on being a person of character instead of the main character. You’ll be amazed at how a simple reframe dramatically changes your sense of meaning and resulting actions. I say it all the time — words are worlds. What we say — especially to ourselves — has the power to shape not only our reality but also that of those around us.”

Read the full article.

In addition to her Psychology Today contributions, Laura has contributed to the Forbes Coaches Council, The Huffington Post, and more.

Learn more about Laura and her work.

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