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President Katrina S. Rogers, Ph.D., leads the President’s Procession at a Fielding graduation ceremony. (photo was taken pre-COVID-19)

President Katrina S. Rogers

My grandfather, who was born in 1883, lived to be nearly 100. He often remarked that the first 50 years of his life would have been recognizable to his great-grandfather, but the last 46 were unrecognizable, even to him. Then, like now, the world is forever changing. But comparatively, the pace of technological change has been lightning fast and unprecedented.

Troubling though, is the unchanging face that poverty, hunger, racism, and violence has worn for centuries. Education—not time or technology—offers us the best hope for social change.

Providing, shaping, and imparting education are roles that Fielding plays. Long before the internet, our university was considered  a pioneered “distributed” learning–now known as hybrid or blended learning. Our goal remains to offer students a supportive and rigorous learning environment that is self-directed and learner-centered educational experience. They aim to build  knowledge, are informed by  diversity, and are committed to confronting global injustices in society.

Those are reasons why the Fielding learning model makes sense for students navigating a changing world. Our institution has a track record of innovative teaching and practice that supports learners as they strive and beyond. It has included transforming the classroom. We moved to focus on mentor-based, relational learning. Fielding was again an innovator, arguing that scholarship, coupled with practice, helps to create a better world. To achieve that end, there is no substitute for integrating our work and theory.

If you are just embarking, make learning a lifelong commitment. It’s a Fielding tradition. Along the way, remember that what you do as scholars and practitioners can change the world. We’re here to show you how.


Katrina S. Rogers, Ph.D.

Fielding Global Ecological and Social Justice Service Year Proclamation

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