Media, Technology, and Innovation

The doctoral concentration in Media, Technology, and Innovation is focused on the ways in which media, technology, and knowledge networks are transforming our societies, organizations, and ourselves by becoming the dominant driving force for innovation and organizational change.

As part of this concentration, students develop multiple doctoral competencies, including the ability to:

  • Assess the transformative power of digital media within distinct social systems and organizations
  • Investigate the ongoing migration of information to an online world
  • Identify and lead the interaction between disruptive technology and organizational innovation, and
  • Recognize the role of media and technology as a global catalyst of change.

Why Media, Technology, and Innovation ?

Many traditional organizations today are challenged by the disruptive role of media and technology. Web-based, on-demand business models are increasingly eliminating established enterprises and disrupting established communities of practice. Yet, this wave of disruption— including social media, mobile apps, streaming video, and on-demand technologies— also contains the seeds of innovation. The focus of this PhD concentration is therefore to equip graduatewith the scholarly and practical skills to anticipate and harness disruptive technology as a force of innovation and positive change.

This doctoral concentration is available for any PhD or EdD students enrolled in the School of Leadership Studies or students in the PhD in Media Psychology.

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