Inclusive Leadership for Social Justice

The doctoral concentration in Inclusive Leadership for Social Justice is designed to develop more inclusive scholar-leaders who are knowledgeable about and sensitive to the complex ways that power and injustice manifest in organizations and communities in order to co-create a more just society.

The doctoral concentration in Inclusive Leadership for Social Justice prepares students to be inclusive and impactful:

  • Community scholar/activists
  • Organization Consultants
  • Chief Diversity Officers in organizations in higher education, law firms, and NGOs
  • Educators able to provide relevant social justice education and faculty who can conduct research in diverse contexts
  • Leaders of diverse, global organizations (profit and non-profit) with deep cultural competence and awareness of rapidly changing environments.

Why Inclusive Leadership for Social Justice?

As society becomes more complex and increasingly diverse along many dimensions, it becomes critical that change agents be able to engage across differences to support deeper understanding and interrupt oppression. This concentration will foster inclusive scholar-leaders who can intervene in ways that create environments where all voices are maximized and engaged to support the mission of the enterprise. This requires individuals to develop greater self-awareness of multiple identities and their intersections, as well as to work intentionally at multiple levels—individual/intrapersonal, intergroup, organizational, cultural, societal, and global. They will also develop systematic capacities to ask relevant questions about power relations and structural inequities and incorporate these lenses into their research and practice.

This doctoral concentration is available for any PhD or EdD students enrolled in the School of Leadership Studies or students in the PhD in Media Psychology.

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