Project Description

Dual Language

The Dual Language Doctoral Concentration offers an academic program to guide teachers, administrators, and scholar-leaders in examining the research, theory, and practices needed to develop effective K-12 dual language programs. Through examination of the research literature, discussion, project based learning, and reflection students will gain the knowledge base and practices needed to promote bilingualism, biliteracy, and cross-cultural competency. The Dual Language concentration offers teachers and administrators the theory, research, and best practices to plan, implement, and assess effective K-12 dual language and two-way immersion education programs.

Why Dual Language?

Although the demand for dual language education is increasing, relatively few K−12 educators, teachers and administrators, have the requisite preparation to design and implement effective dual language programs. The number of dual language programs has increased in the United States and beyond due to the growing evidence of improved academic achievement for students learning in two languages. The global economy, shifting national demographics, and the increased number of K−12 English learners mean educators and leaders need new solutions for promoting language learning and multiliteracies.

Key Courses

Dual Language Foundations This course focuses on dual language program models, teacher and administrator leadership development, and the sociocultural context of dual language education. Students will examine the critical features of educational programs that develop bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic and cross-cultural competencies.

Biliteracy Development This course provides an overview of biliteracy development theory, instructional practices, and assessment methods of the reading process. The curriculum will demonstrate how theory, pedagogy, and assessment impact the development of proficient biliterate students.

Curriculum Development for Teaching and Learning in a Global Society Educating emergent biliterate students to succeed in a global society involves understanding the whole child, including the knowledge and resources children and families bring to their educational experience. This course will prepare educators to apply the conceptual framework known as the community funds of knowledge to curriculum development for implementation in dual language classroom settings.

This doctoral concentration is available for any PhD or EdD students enrolled in the School of Leadership Studies or students in the PhD in Media Psychology.

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