Creative Longevity and Wisdom

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The goal of the doctoral concentration in Creative Longevity and Wisdom is to enhance knowledge and practice in areas concerning mid-life and older adults. The concentration brings together currents of knowledge from various fields and helps students engage with their life experiences and challenges through phenomenological writing. The study of wisdom development and creativity enhances that of the participants, so that they in turn can bring this into their research and practice. The Somatics and mindfulness aspects of enhancing longevity are encouraged through study and workshops.

Why Creative Longevity and Wisdom?

Raising awareness of current knowledge in the longevity, creativity and aging well is critical in a time when our lifespan is extending and our population of older adult is proportionately greater than ever before worldwide.

Our students and faculty colleagues work together to explore the relationship between creativity, wisdom development, and aging. Our faculty include outstanding scholar-practitioners, pioneers, and primary contributors to the field, such as Dr. George Vailliant (author of Aging Well), Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson (author of Composing a Further Life), Dr. H. Rick Moody, (author of Five Stages of the Soul), as well as poet and scholar Dr. Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Our student and alumni fellow, as well as faculty members, contribute to knowledge in topics such as: positive aging; caregiving and caregivers; hospice and final transitions; intergenerational engagement; wise aging; encore careers; and social and ecological justice worldwide for generations to come.

This doctoral concentration is available for any PhD or EdD students enrolled in the School of Leadership Studies or students in the PhD in Media Psychology.

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