Flavio Mesquita da Silva, Ph.D.


Dr. Mesquita da Silva is a World Café international practitioner and a peace activist and researcher. He has been presenting, consulting, training, counseling and coaching since 1978 in the areas of Human, Social, Environmental, Educational, and Organizational Development for not-for-profit organizations, universities, communities, governments and corporate businesses, and the United Nations.

Nora de Hoyos Comstock, Ph.D.


Nora de Hoyos Comstock, Ph.D., was elected to the Austin Community College Board of Trustees in November 2016. She currently services as Vice-Chair. Nora is an entrepreneur, business leader, and pioneer in using social media to build a community for Latinas. Dr. Comstock believes that education, which translates into hope and opportunity, is the single most important factor that can transform lives.

Pamela Luster, Ed.D.


Dr. Pamela Luster, President of Mesa Community College, has created collaborative and progressive initiatives alongside stellar teams at the college with local high schools, universities, and community partners to create inclusive, diverse, and equitable opportunities for students.

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