Driving Social Innovation


How can we bring leadership and social innovation to our communities and organizations, when we live amid powerful forces beyond our control? That is the focus of this collection of chapters, which will reward the reader with surprise and insight about why unexpected leadership matters. The book weaves through the subject of leadership in varying contexts, guiding us in managing social changes, precarity and uncertainty in a changing and transforming world. In the process, “this excellent edited collection provokes and inspires new and different ways of making sense of leadership research and practice,” says Jackie Ford (Durham University), particularly because “conventional leadership thinking continues to overly invest in the heroic leader, disregarding the significance of collective and individual leadership.” Every story in the book reveals creative solutions for real people in real situations, ranging from the C-suite to the offices of doctors and other practitioners, and from foreign nations to towns, schools and families at home. In the process, the authors show that leading with self-awareness and moral action is as practical as it is urgent. As Palesa Natasha Mothapo (Stellenbosch University) wrote, “every researcher who cares deeply about their career development and leadership… should put this book on their required reading list.” According to Roxane de la Sablonnière (University of Montreal), the book is “a must-read in uncertain times.”

Creative Longevity and Wisdom


The goal of the doctoral concentration in Creative Longevity and Wisdom is to enhance knowledge and practice in areas concerning mid-life and older adults. The concentration brings together currents of knowledge from various fields and helps students engage with their life experiences and challenges through phenomenological writing. The study of wisdom development and creativity enhances that of the participants, so that they in turn can bring this into their research and practice. The Somatics and mindfulness aspects of enhancing longevity are encouraged through study and workshops.

Somatics, Phenomenology and Communicative Leadership


Imagine yourself a leader of change at your workplace, using embodied, mindful awareness (somatics). Imagine an educational or work setting which includes breathing exercises, stretching, yoga mats as alternative to chairs and desks. Imagine working together by dancing together, celebration vs. competition, knowing that together you are in touch with the earth, not destroying it, collaborating, not undermining each other, enhancing well-being, instead of bullying. Become part of a community of empathic awareness, shared collaborative understanding, mindfulness, earth awareness and enhanced consciousness.

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