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Social Justice
Graduate School Faculty
Margo Okazawa-Rey gave the keynote address at THE General Body, a coalition of Syracuse University student organizations. Read more.

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Orlando Taylor, PhD, participated in the opening panel of the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, the largest gathering of minority PhD scholars in the nation. Read more.

Anna DiStefano, EdD, and Margo Okazawa-Rey, EdD, hosted the Webinar Series on Violence Against Women & Girls. View the videos.

Tiffany Field, PhD, was one of four researchers to receive the Golden Goose award. She and others have demonstrated beneficial outcomes of infant massage, including shorter hospital stays for preterm infants. Read more.

Educational Leadership for Change faculty member, Four Arrows, has a chapter in From Education to Incarceration. His story is a fictionalized composite of true case histories regarding the school to prison pipeline and its consequences for American Indian (Lakota) children. Find it here.

Jean-Pierre Isbouts edited Fielding's first monograph which provides an overview of Social Change in the Modern Workplace, based on the research of several faculty and students. Read more.
Graduate Students
Pearl Seidman researched the nature of ecotones and how boundaries apply to social systems at a community level for Korean Americans. Read more.

Ammu Shittu
who works in the UN Field Office in Zewdu, Liberia lead a webinar on Ebola. Read more.

Read about a few students and alumni in the Fielding community who dedicate their practice and study to improving the lives of veterans.

The dissertation of Kevin LeGrand addresses why some people engage in environmental activism, while others, who may be as concerned about the environment, do not. Read more.

The dissertation of Dolores Irene Blueford explores racial identity, self-esteem, and school-level diversity for African and African American adolescents in Seattle, Washington. Read more.

Troubled youths are vulnerable individuals who rely on the support of human services frontline workers. Karlene Ferron's dissertation looked at what frontline workers identify as helpful in their work. Read more.

Graduate School Alumni
Monique Morris, EdD (ELC '13), to speak to Congress on unlocking opportunities for African American girls. Read more.

Several ISI fellows gathered at winter session to share and present updates on their work in areas of education, leadership, politics, incarceration, healthcare, and social change. Read more.

NBC highlights the Turnaround Arts program at the elementary school where Rachel Clark Messineo (MA-CEL '08) is principal. Read more.

Shella R. Zelenz (TVC '01) is producing a film, RootEd, that looks at the impact colonization has had on various cultures. Read more.

H. Sharif Williams (aka Dr. Herukhuti), HOD ’06, co-edited a collection of short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, personal narratives, critical essays, and visual art produced by 61 bisexual men. Read more.

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, PhD, (HOS ’12) was born to Sierra Leonean parents and wrote the article “Ebola is More Than a News Story to Me.” Read her article.

2015 Social Justice Award Presented to Marie Fielder, PhD, and Yvon Chouinard

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