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Social Justice
Graduate School Faculty
Fielding Monograph Vol. 1
Jean-Pierre Isbouts edited Fielding's first monograph which provides an overview of Social Change in the Modern Workplace, based on the research of several faculty and students. Read more.

Women in Leadership Event
Over 350 attended the Women in Leadership: Motivations, Experiences, and Reflections on April 8th in Santa Barbara. Anna DiStefano moderated an engaging conversation between US Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Director of Education at the Folger Library Peggy O’Brien, and President of Fielding Graduate University Katrina Rogers. Read More.

Synergy, Healing and Empowerment
Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
's new book offers the paradigm of synergy to overcome the scarcity of valuable health and education resources. Read more.

Graduate Students
HOS student Teresa Harrison-Strong was named Associate Investigator for the Department of Defense's Military Suicide Research Consortium (MSRC), for a research project titled, Toward A Gold Standard for Suicide Risk Assessment for Military Personnel.

The dissertation of Jolyn JB DePriest explores the role of religion in the discrimination and bullying of LGBT individuals and their lived experiences. Read more.

Through exploratory qualitative study, Anita Polite-Wilson used action research to introduce young adult African American women to concepts related to career success through the process of a facilitated learning conversation. Read more.

The dissertation of Vijaya Siddalingappa addresses diversity competency in trainees is due to the diversification of minority population the United States. Read more.

Transition House
At Winter Session 2014, several Fielding students and faculty visited shelters and low-income housing projects to learn how Santa Barbara addresses homeless issues. Read more about the field trip and evening symposium.

The dissertation of Eve Kedar (PSY) explores the sharing autoethnographic vignettes as a mechanism to embrace new educational perspectives and to celebrate diversity through shared experiences. Read more.

Fielding Graduate University students meet Washington DC-based activists at Summer Session 2013
Fielding Graduate University students meet with Senator Bernie Sanders and Washington DC-based activists at Summer Session 2013: The Struggle for Social Justice. Read more.

Graduate School Alumni
Living Beyond Terrorism
Zieva Konvisser
(HOD ’06) is releasing her book, Living Beyond Terrorism: Israeli Stories of Hope and Healing. The book is published by Gefen Publishing House in Jerusalem. Read more.

Linda Honold
ISI Fellow, Dr. Linda Honold (HOD '99, Fielding Trustee), secured a grant from The Brico Fund to conduct case study research on Citizen Action in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Stephen Redmon (HOD ’09) co-authored an article for the American Bar Association titled, Serving Those Who Served: Meeting Veterans’ Unmet Legal Needs.

Melissa Michaels
(ELC ’06) recently returned from working in Uganda and South Africa with highly diverse groups of people dedicated to building bridges and a sustainable future across divides of all kinds.
Deedee Myers, PhD, (HOD '14) was featured in a video from Cronkite News applying her dissertation research to her practice. View the video.
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