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Faculty Biography - Honors and Awards, Publications, Professional Experience
Regina M. Tuma
Regina M. Tuma, PhD
Doctoral Faculty- School of Psychology, Media Psychology
Mont Claire, NJ

  • PhD, The Graduate Faculty, New School
    University, New York, NY, 2006
  • MA, The Graduate Faculty, New School
    University, New York, NY, 1989
  • BA, University of Miami, Coral Gables FL, 1986

Areas of Instruction:

  • Media and Cognition (Core)
  • Social Bases of Behavior (Core)
  • History and Systems (Core)
  • Practical Theory, Imagination and Method
  • The Internet and the Psychology of Social
  • Cultural Theory and Media Psychology
  • Psychology of Attention: Perceptual and
    Social-Cognitive Frameworks for Media Psychology
  • The Philosophical Psychology of Hannah Arendt:
    Implications for Media and Clinical Psychology
  • Social Representation Theory and Media
  • Workshop on the Psychology of Twitter

Scholarly & Professional Interests:

  • Applied research interests: Social media as cultural and psychological forms that influence and structure how we think and interact socially and politically; Cognitive critiques of Big Data; Social media and the epistemology of teaching and learning; Social media, social change and public culture; The psychology of Twitter chats; Twitter narratives and the Arab Spring; Social media and activism; Changing conceptions of groups and leadership in the age of social media.
  • Theory and scholarly practice: Social media research methods and social media as research tools; Social representation theory and the psychology of the thinking society; Mining the history of psychology as source of innovation, imagination for future directions in media psychology; The aesthetics of social media spaces; Gestalt theories of perception and media psychology; Conceptualizing mind through technology.


Tuma, R. (2013). Media psychology and its history . In K. Dill (Editor), Oxford Handbook
of Media Psychology. New York: Oxford

Mack, A, Tang, B, Tuma, R, Kahn, S., and Rock, I. (1992) Perceptual organization and
attention. Cognitive Psychology, 24, 475-501 


  • Tuma, R.M. , 2013.“Social media through a framework of cognition and aesthetics”, Society for Qualitative Inquiry in
    Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 14-15 November, New York, NY.
  • Tuma, R.M 2012. “The role of power and trust in shared governance”. Presentation at The AAUP Governance Conference, 26-28 October. Washington DC. USA
  • Tuma, R.M. 2007. “Public culture and the visibility of difference: The Iraq war and the social representation of protestors”. Paper presented at the International Society of Political Psychology, 30th Annual Scientific Meeting, 4-7 July, Portland, Oregon,  USA.
  • Tuma, R.M, 1996. “The public sphere and the conception of culture in three social psychologies: Social representations, social cognition, and social constructionism.” Paper presented at roundtable discussion, Third International Conference on Social Representations, 27-30 September, Aix –en-Provence, France.
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