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Susan Gordon
Susan Gordon, PhD
Doctoral Faculty - School of Education Leadership & Change
Sarasota, FL

  • PhD, Sociology, University of Chicago
  • MA, Sociology, Hunter College
  •  BA, Psychology, Western College

Areas of Instruction:

  • Action Oriented Research
  • Higher Education
  • Rethinking Schools and Organizations
  • Program Evaluation, Theory and Application
  • Technology, Learning, and Teaching

Scholarly & Professional Interests:


  • Empowering people through action research
  • Enhancing programs through program evaluation
  • Using new technologies to improve teaching & learning
  • Redesigning higher education
  • Building community-school relations



Professional Memberships:


  • American Education Research Association
  • American Sociological Association




  • Gordon, S. & Edwards, J. Enhancing Student Research Through a Virtual Participatory Action Research Project: Student Benefits and Administrative Challenges, to be published in 2012 in the Journal of Action Research.
  • Gordon, S. & Edwards, J. (2009). "Teaching Action Research at a Distance", The Handbook of Online Learning. Thousand Oaks, Ca, Sage Publications.
  • Gordon, S. M., Edwards, J, Brown, G. L. Finnigan, F. A. Yancy, V, Butler, A. Y., Davis, W. D, Stitt, D. M. "Effective Mentoring at a Distance: A Collaborative Study of an Ed.D Program" Creating Successful Telementoring Programas. Kochan & Pascarelli, Eds. Greenwicj, Ct: Information Age Publishing
  • Morocco, C., Riley, M., Gordon, S., & Howard, C. (1996). The Elusive Individual in Teachers' Planning." In G. Brannigan (Ed.), The Enlightened Educator. (pp. 155-176), N.Y.: McGraw Hill
  • Planning for Academic Diversity in America's classrooms: Windows on Reality, Research, Change and Practice. (1995). Lawrence: University of Kansas: Author. 
  • Riley, M., Morocco, C., Gordon, S., & Howard, C. (1993). Walking the Talk: Putting Constructivist Theory into Practice in Classrooms, Educational Horizons, 71, 187-196.
  • Gordon, S. & Hwang, R. (1989) A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Compact Ventures Ability to Enable At-Risk Students to Achieve. Boston: Boston Public Schools. 
  • Gordon, S. (1983). Where Theory and Practice Coalesce: A Model Which Promotes Useful Knowledge and It's Utilization, Or How We Won the Battle and Lost the War, pp. 656-673. In R.H. Kilman et. al. (Eds.), Producing Useful Knowledge for Organizations. New York: Praeger 
  • Gordon, S. (1978). Baccalaureate Health Administration: A Resource Book. Washington D.C.: Association of University Programs in Health Administration.
  • Gordon, G., Anderson, O., Brehm, H. & Gordon, S. (1969). Disease, the Individual and Society. New Haven: College and University Press.
  • Gordon, G., & Gordon, S. (1967). Structural Constraints on the Freedom of the Scientist. American Behavioral Scientist, 7, 4-11
  • Gordon, G., & Gordon, S. (1966). Freedom, Visibility of Consequences and Scientific Innovation, American Journal of Sociology, 72, 195-202.


  • Edwards, J., Gordon S.M., (2007) "You Should-I Should: Mentoring Responsibilities as Perceived by Faculty, Alumni and Students" Presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco.
  • Gordon, S. M., Edwards J., Hollie-Major R.D., (2007). "Benefits and Issues Arising from a Virtual Collaborative .Student-Alumni-Faculty Action Research Project" Presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco
  • Gordon, S.M., Miller, H.( April, 2003) "Parents as Active Team Members: Where Does Accountability for a Child's Special Education Rest?" Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Chicago
  • Gordon, S. (1999, August). Caveat Emptor: What Can We Learn from Research Evaluation. Presented at the meeting of the American Sociological Association, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Gordon, S. & Marshall, E. (1996, March) A Successful Journey: A School-Academic Institution Partnership, Presented at the meeting of the Council for Exceptional Children, Orlando, FL.
  • Gordon, S. & Riley, M.(1995, March) Enhancing Teacher-Specialist Collaboration to Maximize Students' Writing Outcomes. Presented at the Learning Disabilities International Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Gordon, S. (1995, February).What Do We Know about the Outcomes from Students with Disabilities Who are Placed in the General Classroom? Presented at the Pacific Coast Research Conference, Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Gordon, S., Santeusanio, R., & Peskin, S. (1994, April). Multiple Views of Enhancing and Advancing Inclusion. Presented at the Learning Disabilities Network Conference, Natick, MA.
  • Gordon, S. (1994, April). Moving from Slam Dancing to Smooth Waltz in Teacher-Specialist Collaboration. Presented at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD.
  • Gordon, S. (1993, April). Striving to Support Students with Special Needs in the Regular Education Initiative: A Four-year Naturalistic Study of Teacher-Specialist Collaboration. Presented at the meeting of the American Education Research Association, Atlanta, GA.
  • Gordon, S. (1993, February). Factors that Enhance and Hinder In-class Specialist-Teacher Collaboration in the General Classroom. Presented at the meeting of the Learning Disabilities Association, San Francisco, CA.
  • Morocco, C., Gordon, S., & Riley, M. (1991, April). Designing Classroom Activities for Diverse Language Needs. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Education Research Association, Chicago, Ill.
  • Warren, L. & Gordon, S. (1987, April). Building the Bridge from Early Intervention to Preschool. Paper presented at the meeting of the Council for Exceptional Children, Chicago, Ill.

Funded Grants/Contracts:

  • Alumni Impact Follow-Up Study, 2009, Fielding Graduate University with Judy Stevens Long
  • Student Faculty Mentoring Study, 2003-4, Fielding Graduate University with Jenny Edwards
  • "Boston Public Schools Middle Schools-University Partnership Project" granted by Boston Public Schools
  • "Knowledge Base regarding Outcomes from the Placement of Students with disabilities in General Education Classrooms" granted by the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs
  • "National Growth of Undergraduate Programs in Health Administration" granted by the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare 
  • Shering Foundation Research Fellow, Ithaca College

Other Professional Activities:

  • Director, Center for Informed Practice, Policy and Research
  • Principal Investigator/Project Director, Education Development Center (EDC)
  • Director, Core Programs Evaluation Team, Boston Public Schools
  • Director, PhD Programs in Applied Social Science, Boston University
  • Assistant Professor of Health Care Administration, Ithaca College
  • Lecturer, Department of Sociology, SUNY Binghamton
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