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As a student at Fielding, you may need advice in order to continue progressing smoothly through your program. Your administrative resource for answering questions about the program and Fielding's policies is your Graduate Program Advisor. Among other topics, your Graduate Program Advisor can provide advising for the following:

  • Student program planning/scheduling to meet degree and tuition milestones
  • Policies and procedures
  • Program requirements
  • Academic progress requirements and reviews
  • Taking time-off from your Fielding program
  • Services for students with disabilities

Your Graduate Program Advisor works in partnership with your faculty advisor/mentor to provide you with accurate academic and administrative support.

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Contact Your Graduate Program Advisor:

ELC, 805.898.4065

HOD, 805.898.4028

Clinical Psychology/RCP, 805.898.4060

Media Psychology MA & PhD, 805.898.4011

All other Masters & Certificate programs, 805.898.4011

The Office of Student Advising is open during Fielding's regular business hours of 9-5 Pacific Time.
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