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 Admission Process

Once you have established that this program is the right fit for your lifestyle, aspirations, learning style, and interests, we encourage you to start the admission process by verifying you are eligible and completing your online application.

Criteria –-> Am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must meet one of the following three sets of criteria in order to apply to this program:
1.  A doctoral degree in psychology from an APA- or CPA-approved program
2.  A doctoral degree in psychology from a program that has been reviewed by the ASPPB/National Register Designation Committee and has been found to meet the designation criteria

And Either
   A predoctoral internship in clinical, counseling, or school psychology
   A postdoctoral respecialization program in clinical psychology

3.  Evidence of licensure or licensure eligibility as a doctoral level health care provider psychologist documented by a US or Canadian licensing jurisdiction

Application Checklist –-> What do I need to complete my application?

A complete application portfolio for this program includes:

For applicants seeking admission under Criterion Set 2 above:
A certificate of completion of a predoctoral level internship in clinical, counseling, or school psychology from the agency offering the internship program (OR) a transcript demonstrating completion of a postdoctoral respecialization program in clinical, counseling or school psychology that includes an internship.
For applicants seeking admission under Criterion Set 3 above:
A copy of a license to practice psychology at the doctoral level or an official letter documenting licensure eligibility at the doctoral level from a US or Canadian licensing jurisdiction.

You will need to specify your intended faculty advisor and cluster meeting location.  Your application is considered, interviewed, and decided based on the location you choose, and is not automatically transferable to a new faculty advisor.  If you plan to move during the application process, you must notify the Admission Office.

All application materials become the property of Fielding Graduate University.  We encourage you to keep copies for your records.

Decisions –-> How will the admission decision be made?

Once you have submitted your complete application portfolio, you will be notified by e-mail that it is ready for review.  The admission committee reviews all completed application portfolios once a year to consider each applicant’s potential as a Fielding Graduate University student.

The admission committee makes the final admission decisions. Applicants are informed in writing. Acceptance into your specified cluster does not guarantee acceptance into an alternate cluster. If you plan to move during the application process, please notify the Admission Office.

Enrollment –-> How do I accept an offer of admission?

If accepted, you will receive a packet containing your admission agreement and tuition payment forms, travel and accommodations information, and cluster meeting schedule.  You will need to confirm your attendance about 4 weeks prior to the first cluster meeting by returning your admission agreement and making an initial tuition payment.

Admission Calendar

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