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Organizartional consulting Certificate
This certificate provides students with a theoretical framework and the skills that form a basis for a successful practice as an organizational consultant and trainer. It is designed for both external and internal practitioners who wish to enhance their skills. For the external practitioner, it will provide direction in building a brand and  successfully positioning one's business. It addresses the concerns of internal consultants to create powerful outcomes that arise in their organization. 
The courses examine the role of ethics and professionalism, the basics of building a practice that suits the student’s strengths and acknowledges his or her limitations, and a focus on training and development and the use of technology.



  • Acquire the framework and skills required for a successful consulting practice.
  • Work on branding and positioning your practice.
  • Learn to evaluate and enhance the outcomes of consulting interventions.
  • Explore the role of ethics and professionalism.
  • Match your practice to your own stage of development.


The Organizational Consulting certificate curriculum consists of a required online orientation and 12 credits chosen from ODL 669, 676-679.

Effective date: 09/01/2015

To view course descriptions, click on the hyperlinked course number/title below. Printing the page will print all course descriptions.

Required Courses

ODL-600 Online Learning Orientation, 0 semester credits
Designed to introduce students to the online environment and practices in Fielding's ODL program, this online seminar takes place prior to the beginning of the first academic trimester. Students will learn to use Fielding's website and software to navigate, post and complete initial assignments. Students will meet online and begin building community with their entering cohort and receive course introductions in preparation for beginning the academic term. Faculty and staff participate in facilitating dialogue and increasing online skills as the seminar progresses. Certificate, ODL ~ self-directed and ODL ~ OSR Cohort students participate in the orientation for four days.

Elective Courses

ODL-669 Organizational Development: Origins, Evolution, and Current Practices, 4 semester credits
This course provides a history and overview of the field of organizational development, including the current and projected state-of-the-art. It explores the work of key theorists and contributors to the field of organizational development. The course will identify the basic values, principles, theories, and models for understanding how and why organizations develop, behave and change in the ways that they do, and the practices for leading and managing change at the individual, group and system levels. Foundational concepts, terminology and methodologies needed to understand, design and evaluate applied organizational development interventions will be explored.
ODL-676 Social Methodologies for Transformational Change, 4 semester credits
This course explores two participative and powerful methods for creating change in social systems – Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and World Café. Both approaches consciously engage large groups and systems in effective appreciative conversation for the purpose of large-scale systems transformation. Because appreciative conversation represents a major shift in how organizational development practitioners work with organizations, students will learn the theory and practice of these approaches, particularly as it relates to taking an intentional “stance” from which one engages the world.
ODL-677 Consultative Approach to Change, 4 semester credits
This course provides an overview of consulting models and frameworks. It focuses on the fundamental steps in the consulting process from both a consultant and client perspective. It examines how consulting models can be applied to achieve high impact outcomes. It explores the opportunities and challenges facing internal and external consultants dealing with real world issues. It concludes with an examination of the role of ethics and professionalism.
ODL-678 Developing a Consulting Practice, 4 semester credits
This course is designed for people who want to develop a thriving and soul-satisfying consulting practice. They may be aspiring external independent consultants, internal consultants who want to demonstrate their value within their current organizations, or clients who want to achieve desired outcomes from a consultative engagement. The course will be practical and the material will be adaptable to the student’s stage of development. Students will learn how to build their identity, develop their practice, and position themselves as trusted advisors.

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