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 PhD Human And Organizational Systems
Loretta Hobbs

"Fielding is a very supportive environment. The faculty student relationship is the best part of Fielding. We have amazing faculty here. "

-Loretta Hobbs, Alumna
O'Neal-Hobbs Associates
Organizations, communities, and businesses need strategic advice to develop and grow in today’s complex, international environments. As a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems (HOS), you will develop the knowledge and competencies to help these organizations develop the structure, behavior, and leadership that will allow them to thrive.

Emphasizing the integration of adult development and human and organizational systems, the HOS program creates new approaches to leadership and designs for change in today’s complex local, national, and global organizations. As a nontraditional doctoral program, it provides you with the freedom to remain in your community, continue working while learning, and co-design your curriculum to optimize your goals. You build partnerships through vibrant, collegial interchanges that embrace diversity and infuse your learning with innovation and enthusiasm.

Remain in your local community through a variety of individual and collaborative group learning opportunities. Pursue your degree in ways that best fit with your career, family responsibilities, and study preferences.

Explore your passions with self-directed studies and optional concentrations. You and a faculty mentor will co-design a plan of study that is personally meaningful to you and will put you on track to achieving your individual goals. Our faculty bring experiential and academic expertise in management, systems, philosophy, sociology and psychology.

Participate in a vibrant, collegial, and engaged learning community of scholar-practitioners. Many of our HOS students serve in professions such as organizational consulting, human resources, and management. As a student, your individual experience and knowledge informs the research, theory, and practice within this program to address the challenges of modern global organizations.

Reach a new level of self-awareness for making a greater difference in the world through a program that focuses on organizational, community, and social systems. Guided by principles of social responsibility, the HOS program integrates adult and organizational development as a means for diversity and change. Our graduates have careers in consulting, strategic leadership for change, entrepreneurism, talent management, academia, and research.

Goals & Objectives

Students in the Human and Organizational Systems and Human Development PhD programs are expected to graduate with the following skills and abilities:
  • Achieve a broad understanding of the scholarly literature in the fields of human and organizational development
  • Develop logical and coherent scholarly argument, critique theory and research
  • Synthesize ideas and integrate theory and practice
  • Reflect on your own practice skills in light of the theory and research you have read
  • Integrate your intellectual, personal and professional learning and demonstrate appropriate use of personal voice in your writing
  • Understand diverse cultural world views and epistemologies and the social justice implications of knowledge, theory and practice
  • Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills including the appropriate use of primary and secondary resources, scholarly language and the logical flow and sequencing of ideas
  • Distinguish different research methods and demonstrate depth of knowledge in the method you choose for your dissertation
  • Indicate the strengths and weaknesses of various research strategies and be able to connect various research methods to different research objectives and questions
  • Connect the results of your own research to other research and theory in your field

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A PhD in Human and Organizational Systems


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