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Comprehensive Evidence Based Coaching Certificate

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 Evidence Based Coaching Certificate
Within the past decade, the coaching profession has grown rapidly in businesses, schools, and organizations. You can set yourself apart from others in the field with an Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) certificate. EBC is a multidisciplinary-based coach certification program that will give you a distinct professional advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Fielding is your best choice for coaching certification because it:

  • Provides the complete training requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Fielding’s Comprehensive EBC graduate-level certificate develops professional skills in face-to-face and distance coaching. You gain a deep theoretical understanding of how and why coaching is effective. Our program addresses executive, leadership, and personal coach training.
  • Draws from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, communication, and organization studies, together with current standards, techniques, and strategies in coaching.
  • Connects research and theory with professional coaching strategies to give you the coaching skills you need to design a results-oriented course of action.
  • Earns graduate-level credit that may be applied toward a degree at Fielding.
  • Complete the requirements anywhere, anytime through a blended delivery method.
Who is it For?
The Comprehensive EBC Certificate is relevant for many individuals with an interest in coaching, including:

  • Human Resource professionals
  • Leaders responsible for developing, directing, delivering internal coaching programs
  • Generalist coaches
  • Individuals who design and deliver coach training
  • Professionals seeking to develop coaching careers
  • Coaching scholar-practitioners
  • Experienced coaches seeking theoretical grounding for their practice

  • EBC alumni use their learning to create internal coaching programs that meet their organization's specific needs.
  • Program participants discover that being able to cite coaching research and evidence-based literature increases their credibility in the marketplace.
  • Experienced coaches report that gaining a theoretical understanding of coaching has taken their coaching practices to new levels of effectiveness.
  • As part of their ongoing professional development, EBC graduates continue their affiliations with their classmates and with the university for the peer networking and resources.
The academic credit earned with this certificate program articulates to several degree programs at Fielding:


This graduate-level Evidence Based Coaching program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Center for Credentialing in Education and is aligned with the academic standards of the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching (GSAEC). ICF is recognized among coaching professionals worldwide for establishing internationally accepted professional standards.

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