MA in Digital Teaching and Learning

Advance the quality of online teaching and learning.

Become a leader in Digital Teaching & Learning

The MA in Digital Teaching and Learning aims to improve the quality of digital teaching and learning and help educators integrate technology to better serve students. The curriculum combines collaborative online courses with independent study and competency-based delivery, giving students the flexibility to tailor the degree to fit their own interests and experiences.

The MA in Digital Teaching and Learning helps students develop key competencies in the following areas:

  • Technology / Digital Literacy
  • Communication – Oral and Digital
  • Standards of Practice – Compliance and Ethics
  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Key Program Features

  • Advances the quality of digital teaching and learning
  • Addresses the digital challenges faced by educators today
  • Gives students the opportunity to apply content as it is learned
  • Provides flexibility in terms of where and how education is delivered

Online Collaborative & Independent Study Courses

The MA in Digital Teaching and Learning combines online courses with independent study and competency-based learning, allowing students to create their own program based on their interests and experiences.

"I chose Fielding because of its prestigious academic reputation as well as the non-traditional learning format."

Karen Chance, Director of Alumni Relations, Harvard Law School