Alonso Center for Psychodynamic Studies

The Center endeavors to expand the application of psychodynamic ideas, treatments, and principles both within the Fielding community and the larger society. Our goal is to encourage the greater understanding of the value of psychodynamic psychotherapy and the centrality of the psychotherapist/client relationship in the provision of effective mental health care.

The Alonso Center brings together psychologists and psychiatrists, educators, writers and artists, organizational development experts, and the public to strengthen our understanding of and support for adaptive, resilient human relationships. These efforts are directed at educating the public and professional communities about the value of dynamic psychotherapy and the centrality of the psychotherapist-client relationship in the provision of effective mental health care. We encourage and support the application of psychodynamic and relational principles in everyday life, including education, business, journalism, and the arts.

Fellowships, Awards and Learning Opportunities

Osherson Fellowship: Every January, the Osherson Fellowship provides a week of study at Fielding’s winter session in Santa Barbara for professionals without a background in psychoanalysis. The purpose of the fellowship is to build understanding about how psychoanalytic theory and research might be of use to them in their work. The next deadline will be in September 2016. To be sure you are included on the mailing list, please sign up here.

Frieda Fromm-Reichmann Award: Frieda Fromm-Reichmann (1889-1957) was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who pioneered the expansion of psychoanalytic principles in the treatment of the seriously mentally ill. Her work with seriously mentally ill patients was legendary for its flexibility, focus on reality, understanding of symptoms as metaphors for underlying conflicts, and the requirement for the doctor to empathically enter the patient’s world. This award, including a cash prize, is given to a student whose work best exemplifies the values of this important psychoanalytic contributor.

About Anne Alonso 

We are indebted to Anne Alonso, Ph.D., (1933-2007), Fielding Faculty, Emeritus (2000), and Alum (1980) and her husband Ramon, for establishing the endowment that created the Center.

"The Osherson Fellowship offered me an opportunity to engage with Fielding's psychoanalytic faculty and students; it also offered a rich inspiring appreciation for that theory of practice for my own work."

James Stevens, Adele and Louis Osherson Fellowship Recipient

Adele and Louis Osherson Fellowship