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 Board Of Trustees
Note: The date in parentheses following each name indicates the year in which their term will expire.

Public Members

Russ Goodman
President, Sares-REGIS Group

Linda Honold
Strategic Vision in Action
Meris Ota
Senior Project Manager, Sares-REGIS Group
Manly Begay
Professor, Northern Arizona University

Michael Goldstein
Partner, Dow Lohnes,
Karen Bogart
Smith Bogart Consulting
Connie Shafran
Clinical Psychologist
Salud Carbajal
First District Supervisor, County of Santa Barbara
Stuart Jenkins
VP of Business Innovation
Karin Bunnell
Volunteer President of the Board & Executive Director Valley Dance Theatre
Frederick Phillips (2016)
Senior Advisor & Founder,
Progressive Life Center, Inc
Gary Wagenheim
Adjunct Professor, BEEDIE School of Business
Otto W.K. Lee
Vice Chancellor
Instructional Services & Planning San Diego Community College District
Leonard Haynes
Director of Institutional Services, U.S. Department of Education
Kevin Fickenscher
Senior Officer, ENC Health
Judith H. Katz
Executive Vice President, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
Timothy Moore
Partner, Cooley Business Department
Wayne Patterson
Professor of Computer Science, Howard University
 Stephen Wright
Associate Dean & Professor, Northern Arizona University

Alumni, Faculty, and Student Members


Keith Earley
Student Member
Nancy Baker
Faculty Member
Daryl Farrow
Student Member
Kitty Kelly Epstein
Faculty Member



Ex Officio Member


Katrina Rogers
President, Fielding Graduate University

What are people saying?

"Ideas are the most valuable resource in the world, and Fielding is in the business of developing rigorous thinkers. Education is a fire to be lit, not a pail to be filled. Fielding is at its best when it is lighting fires and creating inspiration amongst its students. That is a notable cause, and I want to be a part of it."

-Stuart Jenkins
Vice President of Innovations
Fielding Board of Trustees
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