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Current Membership

Fielding’s Board of Trustees is comprised of professionals, faculty members, students and alumni, and the university president.

The board meets twice a year to provide oversight to all aspects of the university including; approving the budget and all plans for the upcoming year.

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Membership Selection

Fielding Graduate University Board of Trustees is composed of the following: The president of the university serves an ex officio capacity by virtue of the position within the university; public trustees; two trustees are elected from among the faculty; two Trustees are elected from among the Students; and one trustee is elected from among the alumni.

The bylaws of the university provides for the selection or election of trustees; specific items relating to the governance responsibilities are located in the following link.

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Committee Membership

The chairman of the Board of Trustees, Russ Goodman, and the president of the university, Katrina Rogers, are, according to the bylaws, ex officio members of all standing committees. 

Standing Committees:

  • Executive
  • Trusteeship
  • Academic Affairs
  • Budget, Finance & Audit
  • Advancement and Development
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What are people saying?

"Ideas are the most valuable resource in the world, and Fielding is in the business of developing rigorous thinkers. Education is a fire to be lit, not a pail to be filled. Fielding is at its best when it is lighting fires and creating inspiration amongst its students. That is a notable cause, and I want to be a part of it."

-Stuart Jenkins
Vice President of Innovations
Fielding Board of Trustees
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