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Welcome to the best graduate school for adult learners. Founded 40 years ago, we created a learning model specially designed for mid-career professionals that focused on a mentor-based approach to knowledge. Through one-on-one faculty-student connections and in small groups, our student are independent, responsible, self-paced learners who blend their own expertise and experience with the very best scholarship and research.

What is different about Fielding is our focus on a high quality program comprised of three elements: an approach to adult learning theory that emphasizes the talents and expertise that our students bring to their own learning; a multi-disciplinary faculty, which allows students to ask and answer broad compelling questions about social issues; and an applied approach to research that enables students to bring the best scholarship to their own professional work. Valuing intellectual diversity in all things, we create a learning community that embraces an academic structure and scholarly freedom, respecting the way adults learn.

We are one of a small group of nonprofit institutions in the United States created solely for graduate learners. Whether you are an aspiring psychologist, an organizational development professional aiming to improve your skills, or an educator, we have a range of doctoral and master's degree programs predicated on academic quality, professional flexibility, and a robust community.

As one of our graduates recently said, "I came here to earn a doctoral degree and am leaving as a scholar, strong intellectually and transformed in spirit. Not only did this experience change my life, but I now understand how knowledge is power—the power to make a positive difference in the world."

Mario Borunda, PhD

What are people saying?

"An essential aspect of maturing is developing the ability to take increasing responsibility for our own lives - to become increasingly self-directed."

-Malcolm Knowles, Educator

Did You Know?

Malcolm Knowles, PhD, was a founding faculty member in Fielding’s School of Human and Organizational Development and a renowned scholar in the area of adult learning and social change. His application of the term "andragogy" to describe the learning styles of adults made a substantial contribution to student-centered education as well as to Fielding's innovative doctoral programs for mid-career professionals.

The best graduate school for adult learners.
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