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It is a truism to say that the world is always changing: however, the scale (global) and pace (technology) is unprecedented. My grandfather was born in 1883, and passed away in 1979. He liked to say that the first 50 years of his life would have been recognizable to his great-grandfather, but the last 46 years were not recognizable even to himself. While the technological advances have opened up entirely new worlds of discovery, it is also the case that social problems look very much the same. Poverty, hunger, racism, and violence have the similar faces they have had for centuries. For educators, the best hope we as a species has to shine a light and create positive change is through education.

Education is the role that Fielding plays. Long before the internet, Fielding was known as a pioneer is what we called “distributed”, now hybrid or blended learning. As you read through these pages, you will see our values reflected in our goal to provide a transformational learning environment that is an excellent, learner-center educational experience predicated on building knowledge, informed by honoring diversity and caring about confronting the injustices in society. That is what our students, our faculty, our alumni, our staff, and our Board focus on, to build the kind of place where people learn how to create knowledge through scholarship that informs their practice, ultimately, to create a more humane, just and sustainable world in whatever context that may mean for their professional and personal development.

The Fielding learning model is perfect for the new world we need to envision. Years ago, we broke open the classroom to focus on mentor-based relational learning. Long before anyone else thought of it, we said that scholarship without practice was a pale substitute for integrating our work and theory to create a better world. Our programs are founded on a deep interactive experience that includes focused independent learning. We have broken open the interdisciplinary silos by offering multidisciplinary programs that allow students to study the new world we all find ourselves in. A Fielding education is what the world needs, now more than ever.

Katrina Rogers, PhD
Katrina Rogers
Our vision for our students and alumni is simple:

“Our graduates excel in scholarship and practice that create a more humane, just and sustainable world."

Whether it be through personal healing (psychology), human and organizational change (human & organizational development), educational reform (educational leadership and change), and understanding the influence of media on human behavior (media psychology), it is our singular focus for Fielding to deliver the finest, personalized mentor-based graduate education.
The best graduate school for adult learners.
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