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This handbook contains policies, procedures, and institutional information that explain the fundamentals of Fielding Graduate University’s operations. It is comprised of the following primary sections:

FUNDAMENTALS - These items are the essential building blocks from which Fielding operates, Board bylaws, and Board policies.
GOVERNANCE – Board Policies and Bylaws 
FIELDING FACTS - Information on basic operations, such as the organizational charts, and the University’s academic calendar.
PROGRAM DATA - This section provides access to summary data for each of our programs describing admission and completion outcomes across all students as well as disaggregated by gender and ethnicity.
INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES - The policies in this section affect all Fielding constituents: students, faculty and staff, and are policies regarding standards of behavior.
ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES - These policies and procedures are generally intended for staff and academic administrators and concern business and finance policies, external affairs, and program development and review. The computing policies affecting all constituents (students and staff) are also contained here.
BUSINESS AND FINANCE POLICIES - Internal policies and procedures regarding the business and finance operation.
COMPUTING POLICIES - Policies on network access and the use of Fielding-provided technology resources for faculty, staff and students.
EXTERNAL AFFAIRS POLICIES - Fundraising and development policies.
ON CAMPUS RESOURCES - Policies on access to Fielding facilities and equipment.
PROGRAMS - Policies regarding the development and review of academic programs, centers and initiatives.
PUBLICATIONS AND MARKETING - Internal policies for staff and faculty on intellectual property, and usage and style in university publications.
HUMAN RESOURCES - This handbook section is designed to acquaint employees with the University's personnel policies and procedures. It is the belief of the Fielding administration that satisfactory employment is a mutual responsibility in which Fielding has a responsibility to its employees, and they in turn have a responsibility to Fielding. This handbook section seeks to make clear some of the most important of those responsibilities as well as our general operating procedures. It also outlines the benefit programs that are provided to Fielding employees.
No employee handbook can anticipate every circumstance or every question about policies. It has been and continues to be our practice to follow these policies and treat employees fairly. From time to time, there will be revisions to these policies and you will be notified of these changes. These policies are not an employment contract and are not intended to create contractual obligations of any kind.
GENERAL (BOTH FACULTY & STAFF) - Personnel policies that affect both faculty and staff
FACULTY SPECIFIC - Personnel policies specific to Fielding faculty
STUDENT AFFAIRS AND STUDENT POLICIES - This section contains policies on student rights and responsibilities, and the academic and financial policies that concern our academic operations.
ACADEMIC POLICIES - Policies governing our academic operations, particularly as they pertain to students.
FINANCIAL POLICIES - Financial policies regarding tuition, fees and aid
STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - Policies specific to students concerning their rights and responsibilities. Students are also subject to the global standards of behavior in the Institutional Policy section of this handbook.
AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - Fielding financial statements including independent Auditors' Report
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