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 Veterans Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs has approved most academic programs at Fielding for the training of veterans. You may receive veteran's educational assistance while enrolled in an approved Fielding doctoral program, masters program or certificate non-degree program.

Your benefits as a veteran are explained at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website, known as the GI Bill website. This site is your authoritative source of veteran information and should be used as a guide for your educational benefits. The VA may be contacted at 888.GIBILL1. Any information given here is meant to help you navigate through the VA website.

Fielding is happy to assist you with the process of receiving and maintaining your Veterans benefits from the federal government. Please contact us with your questions.

What are the Educational Benefits from Veterans Affairs?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has several educational programs to assist veterans. There are also programs designed for the dependents and survivors of veterans. You will find general information about VA educational assistance programs for which you may qualify by visiting the GI Bill website.

What Educational Programs am I Eligible For?

Below are links to specific program details within the GI Bill website for each of the military benefits listed below. The links are provided here to help you navigate through the wealth of information in that site. Following these links will help you determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for that specific veterans program.

Certification of Students for Veterans Financial Assistance

Fielding Graduate University has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the retroactive certification of veteran's educational assistance. While you are enrolled at Fielding and receiving veteran's benefits, your Veteran's Certifying Official, within Fielding's Registrar's Office, will be reviewing your academic records at the conclusion of each term, certifying your completion of academic credits and tuition/fee charges for the term and reporting this information to the VA.

How Do I Apply with the Department of Veterans Affairs?

After you have been admitted to Fielding, you will need to go to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website to complete the VA application. You may apply online with the VA or you may apply by downloading a PDF hardcopy and mailing the original copy of it to them. Regardless of which method you choose to apply to the VA, you will need to send Fielding a completed copy of the PDF version of the VA application.

Full Application Process for Veterans Benefits at Fielding

To apply for veterans benefits while attending Fielding, please follow this ordered list:

Fielding correspondence should be faxed to 805.898.4103 or mailed to:

Fielding Graduate University
Registrar's Office
ATTN: Veteran's Certifying Official
2020 De la Vina Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


When Will I Receive my Benefits?

VA benefits are retroactive for all of our programs. Certifications to the VA occur mid-January, mid-May and mid-September for the prior term. Depending on your benefit programs, a benefit check will be mailed directly from the VA office to your home, or it will be received directly from the VA to Fielding, be applied against your student balance, and any credit balance remaining will be issued as a check from Fielding and mailed to you.

Military Mobilization Benefits

If you are an active-duty member of the Armed Services and you have been reassigned or if you are a member of a National Guard or Reserve unit that is called into active duty, you may qualify for benefits regarding your federal loans. These benefits apply to any Stafford Loan, Grad Plus Loan or Consolidated Loan you may have under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

  • If you are currently in the grace period of your loan - you may be entitled to an extension of your grace period for up to 3 years.
  • If you are making loan payments - you may be entitled to deferments of payment without interest or deferments with a reduced interest rate
If you've been reassigned or called to active duty and you are currently a student, we can also help you understand policies which pertain to your temporary absence from school. Contact the Financial Aid Office if this applies to you.
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