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Fielding Scholarships & Grants
Fielding Graduate University and the School of Educational Leadership for Change are pleased to be able to offer the following grant, scholarship, fellowship and assistantship opportunities to our students.

Click on the name of each award program to see more details about eligibility criteria, how and when to apply. Programs are primarily housed within our three schools; award programs that are available in multiple schools will display on each of the appropriate school pages. If you have further questions regarding any of these award programs, please consult with the administrative contact listed.
  • Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment Research Fellowship
    This fellowship supports student research activity on issues of women's empowerment, particularly those concerning global women's issues.

    Award Amount: $2000
    Administrative Contact: Anna DiStefano, WNGE Senior Advisor
  • Creative Longevity and Wisdom Scholarship
    Awarded to students studying in the areas of human creative longevity and wisdom.

    Award Amount: $500 - $2,000
    Administrative Contact: Charles McClintock, Director, Institute for Social Innovation
  • The Adele and Louis Osherson Fellowships
    This fellowship supports study in psychoanalytic theory.

    Award Amount: $2,000 - $3,000 covering all travel expenses, room and board, and Winter Session registration fees.
    Administrative Contact: Sam Osherson, Alonso Center Director
  • Ethnic Minority Dissertation Scholarship
    Supports doctoral students with dissertations on topics related to historically underrepresented groups.

    Award Amount: $1,000
    Administrative Contact: Dean for Student Development
  • Laura & Mike de Jonge Scholarship for Canadian Students
    This scholarship supports Canadian doctoral students demonstrating outstanding academic achievement at Fielding.

    Award Amount: $500 approximate award - final amount is provided annually by The Winnipeg Foundation
    Administrative Contact: Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Provost Achievement Scholarship
    This scholarship program supports incoming doctoral students who exhibit strong competency or potential in their field with demonstrated financial need.

    Award Amount: $475 - $6,000
    Administrative Contact: Associate Director of Admissions
  • Wagenheim Endowed Scholarship for International Students
    This annual award is intended to offset tuition and fees for incoming or continuing master’s or doctoral international students.

    Award Amount: $500
    Administrative Contact: Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Institute for Social Innovation Scholarship
    This award is given to students whose research supports social innovation.

    Award Amount: $500 - $2500
    Administrative Contact: ISI Program Manager
  • Bushnell Endowed Scholarship for Organizational and Social Change
    This annual award is given to a Fielding doctoral student whose research or professional practice project supports innovative organizational or social change.

    Award Amount: $2,500
    Administrative Contact: ISI Project Manager
  • School of ELC Dissertation Scholarship
    Supports Ed.D. students in completing their degree and deepening their dissertation research.

    Award Amount: $1,000 - $1,500
    Administrative Contact: Program Manager, ELC
  • Fielding Research Grants
    Grants for research activities.

    Award Amount: $1,000 maximum
    Administrative Contact: Office of Research
  • Richard & Yakko Meyers Endowed Human Rights Scholarship
    This award supports students who have (or whose family has) experienced hardship resulting from human rights violations, yet continue to grow and flourish as a Fielding Graduate University student.

    Award Amount: $500
    Administrative Contact: Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • The Fielding Graduate University Scholarship
    Awarded to students with financial need and who have demonstrated academic achievement.

    Award Amount: $1,000 - $5,000
    Administrative Contact: Lillian Simmons, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Montecito Bank & Trust Scholarship
    This scholarship is intended to help make graduate education possible for individuals in Santa Barbara County or Ventura County who would normally lack the resources to achieve an advanced education.

    Award Amount: $1,000 - $2,500
    Administrative Contact: Lillian Simmons, Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
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