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 Financial Aid Application Checklist

 If you plan to use federal student loans in payment of your educational expenses, you must complete the following steps:

ALERT - As of May 2015, the FAFSA and other federal student aid sites use a username/password combination called the FSA ID.  This replaces the previous FAFSA PIN.  The first time you access a federal student aid site, you will be prompted to create your FSA ID, and you can follow the step-by-step online process.  PDF instruction guide for FSA ID transition

1. Complete the FAFSA – School Code: G20961
You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form every academic year to assess your eligibility for federal student loans.  Completion of the FAFSA does not automatically award federal student loans; you must complete all checklist steps and have eligibility confirmed before receiving federal loan funds.
If you are a Summer 2016 term applicant or renewing student, use the 2015/2016 FAFSA.
If you are a Fall 2016, Spring 2017, or Summer 2017 term applicant or renewing student, use the 2016/2017 FAFSA.
2. Complete Federal Graduate Student Loan Entrance Counseling
Graduate student loan entrance counseling is required for all first time graduate student borrowers.  Be sure to select the graduate student entrance counseling.  Automatic notification of your successful completion will be sent to Fielding directly. 
If you completed graduate entrance counseling at a previous university, you are encouraged to use the counseling and calculator tools at  to obtain information about the changes to the loan programs, to budget for a new borrowing situation, and to calculate your current debt levels.
3. Complete a Master Promissory Note
The Department of Education requires that you have a valid Master Promissory Note (MPN) for your Direct Loans.  The MPN usually has a 10 year expiration date, so if you have borrowed direct loans recently, you may already have a valid MPN.  You can view your signed MPN information at
If you plan to borrow more than your annual maximum in Unsubsidized Direct loans through a Graduate PLUS loan, you must also:
4. Complete the Federal Loan Request & Acceptance Form
Use the loan request and acceptance of awards form to tell us the amount of loan funding that you wish to borrow. You must indicate the dollar amount you wish to borrow for the upcoming year based on your personal situation and the tuition and other estimated expenses that make up the cost of attendance budget. Your request cannot exceed the maximum loan limits.  You will have the option to adjust the loan amount you request during your loan period year if needed.
Complete the required fields, then print, sign, and fax to 805.690.4339, or e-mail a signed, scanned copy to

5. Check your E-mail – Additional Information may be Required
Check your e-mail regularly for messages from the Financial Aid Office. You may be selected for Verification, or your FAFSA may indicate the need for additional documentation. You will receive an e-mail indicating any additional forms or information that may be needed. Please respond promptly in order to expedite your loan processing. 

Receipt of all information must be received by the Financial Aid Office according to your program admission calendar or your renewal deadline to ensure timely processing. Late receipt or incomplete materials cannot guarantee processing will be complete prior to your tuition due date. 

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