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Alumni Accomplishments 2016

Michael D. Sessions, PhD (HOD 2012) was promoted to department chair of the Design and Construction Management Department in the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering at Brigham Young University in Idaho.

Iowa Wild General Manager Brent Flahr announced that the American Hockey League (AHL) club named Keith Paulsen, MA (MA-CEL 2008) as the team’s new Video Coach.

Camille Pavy Claibourne, PhD (HOD 2002) published “Purses and Shoes for Sale,” a book about the joys and challenges of caring for elderly parents, is based on her caregiving research.

Lynn Schmidt, PhD (HOD 2009) and Kevin Nourse, PhD (HOD 2009) recently wrote “Shift Into Thrive,” a book that outlines six resilience-building strategies that women can use to successfully to thrive in the face of career challenges.

Paul Gunser, PhD (PSY 1984) was elected as president of the Neuropsychology Division of the New York State Psychological Association. Currently, he is engaged in the development of a proposal to research the effectiveness of HRV Biofeedback and Heart Math interventions with police officers for stress and anger management. Dr. Gunser oversees two cardiologists, a psychologist, an administrator MD, two master’s level professionals and the VP for administration of St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers.

Darren Pitcher, EdD (ELC 2014) was named acting vice president of learning while retaining his role as vice president of student services at Grays Harbor College.

Merian Stewart, EdD (ELC 2000) was appointed as principal at Franklin Elementary School in the Pasadena Unified School District.

Michael M Gonzalez, EdD (ELC 2014) is a Fulbright Scholar for 2015-16. Dr. Gonzalez is conducting his research on sustainable incomes for indigenous weaving communities in the Philippines. The research will investigate the efforts by NGO’s, local/international governmental agencies and individuals in addressing these problems such as fiber plant cultivation, technology innovations, and coop strategies. He is the research/education director of The Hinabi Project (THP) based in San Francisco. THP is a 501c3 organization dedicated to spread public awareness of indigenous textile art. Currently, he is with the adjunct faculty of City College of San Francisco and University of San Francisco.

Richard Weaver, PhD (HOD 1993) was promoted from associate professor to professor in the School of Business and Management at National University. NU is a mid-career oriented university that offers both bachelor and master level degrees. He is the program director for the bachelor of arts in management and the master of global management.

The School Superintendents Association (AASA) announced the inaugural cohort of graduates including Marion Smith, Jr., EdD (ELC  2010) from the University of Southern California (USC) Urban Superintendents Academy.

Nicola Erb, PhD (HOD 2013) was selected as the Assistant Chief of Police at Breckenridge Police Department.

James Douglas Smith, PhD (HOD 2013) had his article “Human Experience Realist Ontology in Basic Formal Ontology” published in Knowledge Organization Journal.

Julie Benesh, PhD (HOD 2011) program director and department chair for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Online campus has been promoted to Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership.

Kathy D. Geller PhD, (HOD 2004) was promoted to associate clinical professor at Drexel University in the EdD Leadership and Management Program. In this role Kathy is “dedicated to educating scholars, leaders, and practitioners to transform the world” and applies Fielding’s values of diversity, social justice, learner-centered education and transformational learning in her pedagogy.