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Alumni Accomplishments

Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD (HOD 2012), MCC, MCEC, CERT (CT.IS 2008, CT.EBC 2009), article “Spiral Dynamics Integral and LGBT Workplace Equality: An Integral Approach to Diversity Management” was published in the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation with Springer International Publishing.

Paula M. Singer, PhD (HOD 1995), was named a 2017 The Icon Honors award honoree. The Icon Awards recognizes Maryland business leaders over the age of 60 for their notable success and demonstration of strong leadership both within and outside of their chosen field.

Elizabeth Speck, PhD (HOD 2011), presented “Practical Steps for Fair Chance Employment in YOUR Company” at the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation’s Second Chance Summit in Atlanta Fall 2017. This session was presented nationally via webinar (for SHRM credits), hosted by Checkr Background Screening. Dr. Speck is partnering with MADE Transitional Services to training modules to businesses nationwide, customized for local laws and policies and unique industry challenges and opportunities. This project is part of her work as a current Fielding Social Innovation Fellow and grew out of her dissertation.

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust announced David Miller, MA (ODE 2000), as the new executive director.

Mary Ann Mavrinac, EdD (ELC 2006) , vice provost and the Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean of University of Rochester Libraries, was named the new president of the Association of Research Libraries.

Ann M Johnston, PhD (HOD 2013), is currently working as Digital Learning Transformation Leader for GE Digital and is the Executive learning business partner responsible for developing, planning, and executing of multi-year technical and leadership strategies for the ~30K Digital employees across the nine GE businesses, Digital Technology Hubs, Customer Foundries, and Corporate entities.

Thomas O. DuVall, PhD (PSY 2013), received a promotion to Chief of Psychology at the Federal Correctional Institution – Gilmer, WV; Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Steven E. Wallis, PhD (HOD 2006), academic publications in 2017 included the following: “ Re-structuring evaluation findings into useful knowledge” ( Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation); “A limit to our thinking and some unanticipated moral consequences: A science of conceptual systems perspective with some potential solutions” ( Systemic Practice and Action Research Vol 30 (2) 103-116); and “What Is Sustainable Theory? A Luhmannian Perspective on the Science of Conceptual Systems” (Foundations of Science Vol. 22 (4) 733-747), along with presentation at The ASK MATT Game: A Fun Approach to High Powered Learning. Workshop at NASAGA (North American Simulation and Gaming Association) Conference in Reno, NV.

George Schofield, PhD (HOD 1997), was named as one of the Next Avenue Top 50 Influencers in Aging based on his work as profiled in his book How Do I Get There From Here? Planning for Retirement When the Old Rules No Longer Apply. His book was chosen as one of NASDAQ Reads list and was been featured on the Time Square billboard.

Yvonne M Hansen, EdD (ELC 1989), was one of the founders for the non-profit mental health organization, PLAN (Planned Living Assistance Network of Central Texas), that provides services to individuals with mental health issues and their families. She authored and published “Growing Our Town: A Handbook and A Planning Tool Geared Toward Community and Neighborhood Development Projects,” and served as one of the board members for the Sustainable Building Coalition, along with working in conjunction with Texas Land Office Agents and Texas Water Commission.

Ruth Rymer, PhD (HOD 1994), published her latest novel, Perfect Clarity: A Novel About Our Male-Dominated Misogynist Society and Four Women Who Fought Back (1874 to present). The novel features her Fielding dissertation Alimony and Divorce: An Historical Comparative Analysis of Gender Conflict, and concerns the issues of women’s rights, misogyny, and public policy regarding these issues.

Sharon Spano, PhD (HOD 1998), released her latest book The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful Prosperous Life. The book explores the relationship between time and money and how they impact one’s perspectives and choices.

Cliff Hurst, PhD (HOD 2012), was promoted to associate professor of management at Westminster College’s Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business where he developed a new minor in entrepreneurship and has been instrumental in opening the college’s new Social Impact Incubator.

Diana Graber, MA (MediaPSY 2010), and Cynthia Lieberman, MA (MediaPSY 2010), have received the prestigious MacArthur Foundation award for their foundation of Cyberwise – an online platform to help youths to explore reliable and secure media networks. Diana and Cynthia co-founded Cyberwise through their Capstone projects in the Fielding’s MA program.

The blog radio show Setback Survivor featured an interview with alumnus Stephen Redmon, PhD (HOD ‘13), about surviving two overaggressive and potentially fatal police actions and detentions in September 2017.

June Klein, EdD (ELC, 2010), was appointed to Santa Clara County’s Behavioral Health Board. June previously served as Vice President of business affairs and as CFO at Palo Alto University.

Ken Druck, PhD, (PSY 1984), published a novel, Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined. The novel covers the topics of myths, biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions of getting aged.

Susan Stillman, EdD (ELC 2007), published an article in a peer-reviewed journal in which she was lead-author in, the Journal of Developmental Psychology. The article emphasizes upon strengthening social-emotional learning (SEL) between the student, teacher, and school-wide assessments.

Odulair LLC, a healthcare firm operated by its CEO Anita Chambers, PhD (HOD 2009), delivered the world’s first, fully solar-powered mobile medical clinic to Clemson University. It has been selected as an exhibit for the Global City Teams Challenge Expo 2017 as an example of smart technology in the Energy, Water, and Waste Management sector.

Jody Hironaka-Juteau, EdD (ELC 1999), was appointed as dean of the College of Health and Human Services at the Fresno State University. She will also serve double duty as interim dean of the Henry Madden Library in Fresno State.

Dorianne Cotter-Lockard, PhD (HOD 2012), has recently presented Professional Development Workshop at a conference on Management, Spirituality, and Education at the Walton College of Business at University of Arkansas. She is currently editing Palgrave MacMillan’s new book for release, Authentic Leadership and Followership: International Perspectives.

Paula M. Singer, PhD (HOD 1995), was appointed to the Board Member for Tranzed Alliance, a nonprofit organization serving children and families. Singer is also CEO and chief strategist for The Singer Group, as well as history of serving in faculty for Johns Hopkins University, Nova Southeastern University, University of Pennsylvania, and College of Notre Dame.

Alison Granger-Brown, PhD (HOD 2014), co-authored an article titled New research identifies four factors that help women ex-convicts avoid committing crimes, offering insights that can be used to help former inmates integrate more successfully into their communities after time in prison.

James Ed Rankin, PhD (HOD 2007), was chosen to present at the Shifting States conference in University of Adelaide, School of Social Sciences. He will be presenting a work included in his dissertation, The Conspiracy Theory Meme as a Tool of Cultural Hegemony: A Critical Discourse Analysis.

Michael Wilson, PhD (HOD 2013), and his wife Ann Wilson of Surrey’s Phoenix Society, which helps people who are homeless or fighting addiction, received honorary degrees from Kwantlen Polytechnic University for their work in the community.

Laura Hauser, PhD (HOD 2012), recently elected president of Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC.org) for the 2017-18 term.

Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD (HOD 2012), earned the highest professional credential, Master Certified Coach (MCC), by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and was named as a Business of Pride Outstanding Voice by the Denver Business Journal.

Rosemary Maellaro, PhD (HOD 2008), was awarded the Journal of Management Education Fritz Roethlisberger Memorial Award for the best article published in the journal in 2016: Miller, R.J. & Maellaro, R. (2016).

Richard Weaver, PhD (HOD 1993), who, after 20 years of dedication, was promoted from Associate Professor to Professor at National University and is responsible for the undergraduate and graduate management programs in the School of Business.

Thomas Werner, PhD (HOD 2009), was recognized across the Laureate Global Educational network with the 2017 Global Products Services (GPS) Award for Advancing Student Success. Dr. Werner is currently assistant director and professor at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, Austin TX Campus and teaches in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program’s research track and in studies to advance critical thinking and clinical reasoning.

Charlita L Shelton, PhD (HOD 2008), was appointed as the executive director of the Dallas Nursing Institute.

Clarice Ford, EdD (ELC 2003), was named vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Penny Potter, PhD (HOD 2017), was appointed as the director of executive education at the Center for Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University. Dr. Potter will oversee and expand the offerings in Mason Institute of Leadership Excellence (MILE) and Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being certificate program.

Drew Suss, PhD (HOD 2014), was honored the Award of Excellence by the International Society for Performance Improvement for his research on team performance improvement that was published under the title “T4 MAP™: A Scholar-Practitioner Model for Performance Improvement.

Mike Sessions, PhD (HOD 2012), was awarded the Excellent in Teaching Award for 2017 Root 6 by the Associated School of Construction.

Gloria Morrow, PhD (PSY 1998), was promoted to Director of Behavioral Health MMG Molina Health Care.

Kathy Armijo Etre, PhD (HOD), was named the first ever recipient of the 2017 Spirit of Community, Community Champion Award by the Association for Community Health Improvement in New Mexico.

Ken Druck, PhD (PSY 1984), was featured on CNN with Don Lemon talking about Prince William, Prince Harry, and Princess Kate Middleton’s discussion and speaking openly about mental health and grief.

Caryn Wiley-Rapoport, PhD (Media PSY 2017), was appointed by Canvas Worldwide as SVP, managing director as the agency’s consumer insights practice.

Geraldine Perri, PhD (HOD 1998), superintendent/president of Citrus College, was named“Woman of the Year” by Senator Anthony Portantino.

Berlinda Begay, EdD (ELC 2016), Eva B. Stokely Elementary School’s bilingual and multicultural supervisor, is featured in this piece about her New Mexico school, where students are being taught in the Navajo language, and thriving.

Marilyn Bailey-Jefferson, EdD, (ELC 2010) was awarded the 2017 Southern Early Childhood Education Association President’s Award.

Cheri Gurse, PhD, (HOD 2013) accepted a full-time faculty in the liberal arts program at Antioch-Santa Barbara teaching Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, and Community Psychology & Social Change.

Pamela Thomas, EdD, (ELC 2011) principal at Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC) of America’s Career and Academic Development Institute (CADI), was honored by The American Conference on Diversity with the 2017 Bridge Builder Award in April during the 69th Annual Humanitarian Awards Gala at the Pleasantdale Château in West Orange, NJ.

June Klein, EdD, (ELC 2010) vice president for business affairs and CFO of Palo Alto University, was awarded by the FEI’s Silicon Valley Chapter as one of the four Finance Executives of the Year (FEOY), and was one of the three Chief Financial Officers chosen by the Silicon Valley Business Journal to participate in a panel discussion about the current era of political change.

Clarice Ford, EdD, (ELC 2003) was named vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Ande Diaz, PhD, (HOD 2009) associate provost for diversity and organizational development at Allegheny College, in Pennsylvania, was appointed chief diversity officer at Saint Anselm College, in New Hampshire.

Joe Troiani, PhD (CLIN PSY 1992) was appointed as president of the Illinois Psychological Association. He is the second alumnus to be elected to this position, the first being John Blattner, PhD (CLIN PSY 1998).

John L. Bennett, PhD, (HOD 2006) was named the Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Chair of Leadership, which is one of the highest honors awarded to a faculty member at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte.

Bill White, EdD, (ELC 2001) was appointed as head of the Office of Minority Affairs in West Virginia.

Andree Robinson-Neal, EdD, (ELC 2009) was chosen as a featured presenter in the 2016-2017 Distinguished Speaker Series by Cottey College’s Serenbetz Institute for Women’s Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Global Awareness in Nevada.

Ronald Cortez, MA (OMOD 2003) was appointed as vice chancellor for administration and businesses service at University of California, Irvine.

Michele Bresso, PhD (HOD 2013) was appointed as vice president of academic affairs at Gavilan College.

Salud Carbajal, MA (OMOD 2003) (D-CA) was sworn into serve his first term in the 115th Congress representing the 24th Congressional District.

Ref Rodriguez, EdD (2006) was reappointed to the  California Commission on Teacher Credentialing by California Governor Jerry Brown.

Marney Hoffman, PhD (PSY 2015) was given the Distinguished Service Award for 2016  from the Oregon Counseling Association (OCA) during the OCA Annual Fall Conference in Portland Oregon.

John Bennett, PhD (HOD 2006) was named the Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Chair of Leadership at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte.

Bill Dailey, EdD (ELC 2010) and his guide dog, Farley, were honored with a bench on the Fresno State campus on recognition of Dailey’s 15 years of service to the Department of Social Work Education and Department of Public Health.

UC Riverside announced Sheila Bergman, PhD (HOD 2015) as the new ARTSblock director.

Drew Thomas Foley, PhD (HOD 2012) published chapter titled ” Madness and the Map ” in a new peer-reviewed anthology titled Depth Psychology and the Digital Age.

Steven Page, PhD (HOD 2015) dissertation research on the development of systems thinking over the life span was selected for presentation at the 2016 Midwest Academy of Management conference.

Charlita Shelton, PhD (HOD 2008) was named the new executive director of the Chicago, Illinois-based Dallas Nursing Institute.

Amy Serin, PhD (PSY 2006) launched a patent pending non-invasive neuroscientific wearable device.

Michael D. Sessions, PhD (HOD 2012) was promoted to department chair of the Design and Construction Management Department in the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering at Brigham Young University in Idaho.

Iowa Wild General Manager Brent Flahr announced that the American Hockey League (AHL) club named Keith Paulsen, MA (MA-CEL 2008) as the team’s new Video Coach.

Camille Pavy Claibourne, PhD (HOD 2002) published “Purses and Shoes for Sale,” a book about the joys and challenges of caring for elderly parents, is based on her caregiving research.

Lynn Schmidt, PhD (HOD 2009) and Kevin Nourse, PhD (HOD 2009) recently wrote “Shift Into Thrive,” a book that outlines six resilience-building strategies that women can use to successfully to thrive in the face of career challenges.

Paul Gunser, PhD (PSY 1984) was elected as president of the Neuropsychology Division of the New York State Psychological Association. Currently, he is engaged in the development of a proposal to research the effectiveness of HRV Biofeedback and Heart Math interventions with police officers for stress and anger management. Dr. Gunser oversees two cardiologists, a psychologist, an administrator MD, two master’s level professionals and the VP for administration of St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers.

Darren Pitcher, EdD (ELC 2014) was named acting vice president of learning while retaining his role as vice president of student services at Grays Harbor College.

Merian Stewart, EdD (ELC 2000) was appointed as principal at Franklin Elementary School in the Pasadena Unified School District.

Michael M Gonzalez, EdD (ELC 2014) is a Fulbright Scholar for 2015-16. Dr. Gonzalez is conducting his research on sustainable incomes for indigenous weaving communities in the Philippines. The research will investigate the efforts by NGO’s, local/international governmental agencies and individuals in addressing these problems such as fiber plant cultivation, technology innovations, and coop strategies. He is the research/education director of The Hinabi Project (THP) based in San Francisco. THP is a 501c3 organization dedicated to spreading public awareness of indigenous textile art. Currently, he is serving as adjunct faculty of City College of San Francisco and the University of San Francisco.

Richard Weaver, PhD (HOD 1993) was promoted from associate professor to professor in the School of Business and Management at National University. NU is a mid-career oriented university that offers both bachelor and master level degrees. He is the program director for the bachelor of arts in management and the master of global management.

The School Superintendents Association (AASA) announced the inaugural cohort of graduates including Marion Smith, Jr., EdD (ELC  2010) from the University of Southern California (USC) Urban Superintendents Academy.

Nicola Erb, PhD (HOD 2013) was selected as the Assistant Chief of Police at Breckenridge Police Department.

James Douglas Smith, PhD (HOD 2013) had his article “Human Experience Realist Ontology in Basic Formal Ontology” published in Knowledge Organization Journal.

Julie Benesh, PhD (HOD 2011) program director and department chair for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Online campus has been promoted to Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership.

Kathy D. Geller PhD, (HOD 2004) was promoted to associate clinical professor at Drexel University in the EdD Leadership and Management Program. In this role Kathy is “dedicated to educating scholars, leaders, and practitioners to transform the world” and applies Fielding’s values of diversity, social justice, learner-centered education and transformational learning in her pedagogy.