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 Re-Admittance For Withdrawn Fielding Students

Welcome back! If you withdrew or were withdrawn from a program at Fielding, you can apply for reenrollment or readmission to that program. Your application will be facilitated by the Graduate Program Advisor for your program.

How to Apply

Send a $100 application fee along with a letter indicating your intent to apply for re-enrollment. Please discuss the reasons you withdrew or were withdrawn, and why you believe you will now be able to complete the program. Be sure to include your current mailing address, phone, and e-mail address.

Your Plan for Progress

Your Graduate Program Advisor works with you and your program administration to create an individualized plan for your re-engagement. This plan will include a timeframe and any additional application materials that may be required. You will need to settle any outstanding tuition or fees owed to Fielding at this time.

Decision and Notification

The Admissions committee will review your application. You will receive a letter containing the committee’s decision. If your application for re-enrollment is accepted, the letter will include the conditions of same, as well as your remaining requirements for graduation.

Re-Enrollment Policy

See our re-enrollment policy in the Institutional Handbook.

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